Buying a Home When You Have Student Loan Debt

With record levels of student loan debt, today’s younger generations are struggling financially. They can’t save as much as they’d like, they’re saddled with years upon years of repayment, and, what’s worse, they’re dealing with ever-rising home prices that make things even harder. So how are these up-and-comers supposed to become homeowners? How can they [...]

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Going Beyond Conventional Loans with Millennial Buyers

A recent National Mortgage News headline read, "Mortgage Lenders Must Teach Millennials About Loan Options." ...that's not exactly news. That topic has been covered here at least a few times. With rates up and affordability down, new loan options are exactly what many millennials need to become homeowners. According to Ellie Mae, 68% of [...]

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Millennial Homebuyers: Everything Agents Need to Know

As a real estate agent, it’s important to realize that not all buyers are the same — especially when you’re talking about different generations. Millennials, Boomers, and Gen Xers all come with unique needs, preferences, and buying styles. If you want to make sure they end up satisfied (and will refer you to others), you’ll [...]

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Never a Doubt in Her Mind: Why This Millennial Is Prioritizing Homeownership

As the millennial generation comes of age, they're beginning to grab their fair share of the housing market. In 2017, 34.7% of homeowners were millennials—one year later, they're 36% of homeowners. That number may not seem huge, but it was by far the largest increase in any age group during that time period. There are [...]

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Millennials Prioritize Finding a Home for Fido

Only a few decades ago, Americans bought homes to ring in a marriage, welcome a new child, or prepare for one of these two major life changes shortly down the road. But today, times have changed. Millennials are waiting longer and longer to get married and start their families, and they just don’t need those [...]

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