Credit Do's & Don'ts While Getting a Mortgage

Credit Do’s & Don’ts While Getting a Mortgage

By Embrace Home Loans Staff / October 18, 2023
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When shopping for a home in the 2023 United States real estate market, maintaining good credit remains crucial to secure the best interest rates and terms for your mortgage. Here are some updated tips on what to do and what…

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How to Build Your Credit from the Ground Up

By Embrace Home Loans Staff / August 23, 2018
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From a young age, many of us are taught not to take on any debt — that it’s best to pay in cash and only spend what you already have. A big issue with the cash-only mindset, though, is that…

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Calculating and Improving Your FICO Score

By Embrace Home Loans Staff / April 4, 2018
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What is my FICO score and why is it important? For many people, the first time they will have to deal with their FICO score is when they are applying for a home loan. Most lenders who participate in the…

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How Your Credit Score Can Affect the Interest Rate on Your Loan

By Austin White / September 6, 2017
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If your credit score is a little banged up, the loan interest rates you’re offered can be very different from what you see advertised.

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