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11 Easy Home Updates That Take Less than 24 Hours

By Aly Yale / October 7, 2020
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Updating your house doesn’t have to be a months-long endeavor. Though major-scale renovations can certainly improve your home’s value and aesthetics, they’re not the only option if you’re looking for a change of pace.  Are you short on time but…

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The 5 Principles of Feng Shui: How to Bring Calm to Your Home in 2020

By Aly Yale / March 2, 2020
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Need a little balance in your life this year? Feng shui might be able to help. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, a feng shui-ed space lets energy flow more freely, offering an environment of harmony, balance, and positivity. It incorporates…

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buy art for home

How to Buy a Piece of Art for Your Home

By Aly Yale / February 17, 2020
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Artwork can do a lot for your home. It can pull together a room’s theme or aesthetic, serve as a conversation-starter, or even help personalize a space that just needs a little extra pizzazz.  But picking out the right art…

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Pantone 150 color of the year

Pantone Color of the Year 2020: 8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Space

By Aly Yale / January 16, 2020
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Pantone officially announced its 2020 Color of the Year, and it’s a beautiful, deep matte blue.  Dubbed “Classic Blue,” it’s a timeless, flexible hue that jives with just about any pattern or color scheme out there. Want to work this…

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How to Make Your Home ‘Hygge’ for Fall & Winter

By Aly Yale / October 14, 2019
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There’s nothing cozier than Hygge. With its soft, welcoming textures, carefully placed lighting, and neutral, all-inclusive tones, this Danish-inspired design style is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Don’t have the cash to do a full-out redesign before the…

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