Coronavirus Renovation Diaries: We're Experiencing Pandemic-Related Delays

Coronavirus Renovation Diaries: We’re Experiencing Pandemic-Related Delays

By Tara Mastroeni / November 4, 2020
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Welcome back to the Coronavirus Renovation Diaries. You may have noticed that it’s been a while since my last update where I convinced my building to let me start my renovation despite the virus-related lockdown. However, it probably won’t surprise…

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" Coronavirus Renovation Diaries: Small Steps Forward to the Starting Line

Coronavirus Renovation Diaries: Small Steps Forward to the Starting Line

By Tara Mastroeni / July 2, 2020
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Welcome to the newest installment of the Coronavirus Renovation Diaries! Last time, I talked about my experience buying my first home in the middle of a global pandemic, realizing that my unit needed more than a little TLC, and the…

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Coronavirus Renovation Diaries

Coronavirus Renovation Diaries: When You Can’t Move In, Renovate First

By Tara Mastroeni / May 27, 2020
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Welcome to the start of a new series for Embrace Home Loans. I’m Tara, one of the blog writers for the site. While I usually bring you mortgage and real estate content, this time I’m doing something a little different.…

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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Condo

By Tim Coutis / August 7, 2018
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Whether you’re a millennial just starting out or baby boomer about to retire, a condominium can be an excellent way to enter the housing market or a great downsizing option. But, as anyone who’s ever owned a condo will tell…

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