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    Want to spruce up your house but need to keep the little ones entertained while you do it? Just get them involved.

    While you probably can’t give them a hammer or expect them to apply wallpaper evenly in your dining room, there are actually quite a few kid-friendly home improvement projects they can help with.

    Here are four to get you started:

    1. Plant a garden or tree.

    Head to the garden store and let the kids pick out some pretty flowers or greenery to add to the garden. You could also plant a tree to add some much-needed shade. Just make sure to get the kiddos their own plastic spades, so they can help put them in the ground. 

    2. Paint the walls.

    Makeover a room by adding an accent wall or repainting the walls entirely. Give your kids a brush, a small can of paint, and let them have at it. Just make sure you use painters tape to fully cover the baseboards and molding, and put down a tarp to keep your carpet safe. (Make sure the kids are wearing clothes you don’t mind getting stained, too).

    3. Add address numbers to the curb.

    Painting address numbers on your curb is super easy. All you need are some number stencils (and stencils for any other designs/logos you want to add), some duct tape, and some spray paint. Be sure to choose a paint that will stand out against the concrete, and use your tape to outline a nice rectangle before beginning. Once you’re set-up, the project’s done in minutes.

    4. Create artwork for the walls.

    Forget expensive prints and paintings. Rather than spending cash on your wall’s artwork, task the kids with making some instead. Head to the craft store for some paper, paint, brushes, and other materials, and grab a few frames, too. Once the art is dry, help the kids sign their names, frame them, and hang them on walls throughout the house.

    Helping Around the House

    Kids love to help, so try to find ways to get them involved. Even if it’s just holding a pretend tool or helping you take measurements, they’ll feel special, and you might even build up their self-confidence a bit, too.

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