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    Labor Day doesn’t have to mean braving jam-packed beaches or breaking the bank for a costly water park. In fact, you really don’t need to leave home at all.

    Take the holiday to connect with the ones you love, save some cash, and try one of these fun activities instead:

    1. Watch a backyard movie.

    Set up a projector in the backyard, and screen a new film with the kiddos. Put out blankets, buckets of popcorn, and some candy, and head out after dinner one night. (Just make sure to light a citronella candle to keep those bugs away.)

    2. Pitch a tent.

    Who says you have to drive to a state park to go camping? If you’ve got the supplies, pitch a tent in the backyard and enjoy that outdoor getaway from the comfort of your own lawn. You can even get a fire pit to roast marshmallows or cook dinner.

    3. Throw a block party.

    Get the neighbors together and throw a potluck party in the cul-de-sac. One of you can grill hot dogs and hamburgers, another can bring the desserts, and another the sides. Bring out speakers to blast the latest tunes and maybe some games for the kids, too (chalk, hula hoops, jump rope, etc.)

    4. Go on a scavenger hunt.

    Print out a pre-made scavenger hunt list and split into teams. Scour the house, yard, and garage looking for your items and set a timer. The team that finds the most within the time limit gets a prize! (Maybe they can pick out the pizza you order that night?)

    5. Get your puzzle on.

    Invest in a huge jigsaw puzzle or, better yet, a 3D puzzle of a fun landmark or movie. Sit around the table and set to putting it together — all of it — by the end of the weekend. You can even screen your favorite movies or play music in the background.

    6. Put on a play or show.

    If you’re the creative type of family, consider putting on a play. You can write the script, design the costumes, and act it out for neighbors (or just for fun). If that’s not an option, throw a talent show instead. Let every family member show off their skills and bring in a friend (or friends) to judge.

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