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    Planning on buying a home after tying the knot? Then use your wedding registry carefully.

    Your registry offers a great opportunity to stock up on items you’ll need as a homeowner — not to mention save some of that hard-earned cash you’ll need for a down payment.

    Want to make sure your wedding registry is primed for your future homeownership goals?

    Consider adding these nine items to your wedding registry:

    1. Lawnmower:

    Unless you’re planning to buy a condo or place without a yard, you’ll need some tools for yard care. A mower and weed eater should be your top choices, but hoses, shovels, rakes, and other items are smart, too.

    2. Tools (and a toolbox):

    Once you become a homeowner, you can no longer call that landlord to make repairs. All maintenance is in your hands — and you’ll need the right tools to make it happen.

    3. Furniture:

    If you’re going from apartment to house, you’re probably going to need some additional furniture to fill the space. Consider registering for furnishings from Target, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and other big stores.

    4. Rugs and mats:

    These items are costlier than most people think. Adding them to your registry can save you serious cash once you move into your home.

    5. Gift cards:

    Since you don’t yet have that home picked out, you may not know everything you need. To make up for this, just add some gift cards to the registry — ideally for home improvement, big box, and furniture stores in your area.

    6. Smart home devices:

    Smart home tech can add convenience and save money, so go ahead and stock up now. Add a smart thermostat, locks, water leak sensor, doorbell, and maybe even a hub like an Echo.

    7. Appliances:

    You’re definitely going to need a fridge, washer, and dryer, and those items can be quite expensive. Consider registering at a place like Home Depot, so you add a few of these to your list.

    8. Robotic vacuum:

    Robot vacuums can be a great way to keep your new place clean without investing too much time or energy. 

    9. Down payment help:

    You could even ask for down payment help using your registry. Tools like Zola and HoneyFund let you add cash options to your wish list, so guest can contribute funds to whatever goal you’re saving up for. A regular, old GoFundMe works here, too.

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