5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value on a Budget

Plant a Garden

Naturally, you want to get the most money possible when selling your home. But pouring thousands of dollars into renovations and upgrades just to help your home stand out on the market can be a waste of time and cash, especially if you’re busy shopping for a new home. As a seller, your best bet is to choose a few simple projects that can increase your home’s value without eating up a lot of resources or energy.

Here are 5 low-cost, high-reward options to consider:

1. Clean up and clear out.

A buyer should be able to imagine themselves in your home, but that’s hard if it’s full of your personal belongings and décor. Hire a professional cleaning service to help polish your home from top to bottom, and cut down on clutter by doing some pre-packing. If you can move some items off to your new home or a storage locker, that’s even better.


2. Freshen up the paint.

Outdated wallpaper and chipped, scuffed paint isn’t going to endear a buyer to your home – nor will it inspire them to cough up the big bucks. Consider giving your walls a quick makeover with a new coat of paint. Opt for a clean, neutral palette that’s on trend and pleasing to all different tastes. Shades of grey and white are more trendy now, but tans and greens of previous years now seem outdated. Don’t forget to give the trim and ceiling a coat, especially if it’s the old popcorn style!


3. Plant a garden.

Clean up flower beds with fresh mulch and add a few flowers. Just be sure to opt for low-maintenance options — new buyers who aren’t seasoned gardeners will heavily  consider the effort needed to maintain a garden or the cost to update the landscape.


4. Update hardware and fixtures.

Don’t have the money to install new doors, sinks, or bathtubs? Give your rooms a quick facelift by just upgrading the hardware. Add new door handles and locks, update your faucets and drawer handles. Consider adding new lighting or updating your lamp shades to add a cozy “at home” appeal.


5. Spruce up your front porch.

First impressions are everything, so think about ways you can beautify your entryway. Add a small paver patio, repaint the front door, or hang potted flowers to add a pop of color. New address numbers can also go a long way, and they run for only a few dollars at the local hardware store.


Remember, the condition of your property is the biggest factor in a sale, so be sure to prioritize any repairs or important fixes above any aesthetic changes. Buyers will negotiage down the cost of a new roof or plumbing before they’ll ask you to paint the bedrooms. Opt for a seller’s home inspection to point you in the right direction.





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