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    Don’t want to spend all your cash this season, but still aspire to buy your loved ones all those gifts they’ve been eyeing?

    Thankfully, wanting to save money doesn’t have to mean being a Grinch in this day and age. In fact, there are loads of programs, apps, and credit cards that will even reward you for shopping their aisles—and that can mean more money saved, both now and on future purchases.

    Here are a few of the best ways to save this festive season—without scrimping on the holiday cheer.

    Save Money by: Price Matching

    Stores with price matching policies can be a big help during the holidays. For one, they let you guarantee the lowest possible price on a product, which can mean serious savings over the course of the season. They also allow you to shop at the locations that are most convenient to you (as long as they have a price matching policy in place, of course.)

    Some stores that offer price matching include:

    Every store has different stipulations and rules for price matching, so make sure you double-check the exact policy before hitting the road.

    Save Money with: Rewards/Cash Back Cards & Apps

    Many stores offer rebates and cash rewards just for using their apps or credit cards. Kohls, for example, offers Kohls Cash, as well as reward points toward future purchases. Walmart’s mobile app has a “Savings Catcher” feature, where you can scan in receipts and earn cash back if there are any lower prices at nearby stores. The money is automatically loaded into the app, so you can spend it online or in store within just a few days.

    Other stores with cash back cards or apps include:

    • Target (REDcard, Cartwheel app)
    • Amazon (Rewards Visa card)
    • Starbucks (Gold card, rewards app)
    • Sephora (Beauty Insider program)
    • Bloomingdale’s (Bloomingdale’s card, Loyallist program)

    Keep in mind most banks and major credit card providers also have cash back cards. The Chase Freedom card is a big one, as is the Wells Fargo Cash Wise card. Check with your bank or credit card provider to see if there’s an option for you.

    Keep an Eye Out for Ways to Save All Year Round

    Most stores offer rewards, savings or discount programs if you look hard enough. Just be careful not to open too many actual credit cards, as these can impact your ability to get a mortgage (if that’s on your radar in the near future.)

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