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    Home renovation doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, if you choose the right projects—as well as the right materials and contractors to help—it could actually add value to your home, essentially paying for itself in the long run.

    So where should you start? What low-cost, under $10K reno projects will deliver the most bang for your buck in the end? Here are your best bets:

    • Repaint your exterior – If you’re looking for an affordable DIY home renovation project, this is it. Not only does painting have a wide margin for error, but it’s also pretty high-impact, meaning it will make a big difference on your curb appeal (and your home’s appeal to potential buyers.) Make sure to do your research on the trendy colors in your area and check with your HOA’s regulations before choosing your paint.
    • Add a patio or deck – Outdoor entertaining spaces are some of the most value-adding projects out there, as they add both functional and fun areas to the property. You’ll want to bring in a pro to do this project, as mistakes can be unsightly and may even detract from its value.
    • Upgrade your kitchen – You might not be able to do a full kitchen makeover for under $10K, but you can certainly upgrade the areas that count. Focus on redoing the cabinets, counters, and backsplashes first, and if you have money left in your budget, move on to replacing outdated appliances. If you can’t afford the latter, consider re-facing them with peel-and-stick stainless steel stickers. These offer an instant and affordable facelift.
    • Landscape your yard – To most home buyers, there are few things as attractive as a low-maintenance yard. If your yard is quite the task to mow, weed, and tend to, consider bringing in a pro to fill out some of the space with landscaping. Think sturdy, low-maintenance bushes, stones, mulch, trees and maybe even xeriscaping. You should also consider professional fertilizing and weed maintenance services. The less work, the better—both for you and your future buyers.

    Need more home renovation tips? Check out our recent blog, “How to Make Home Renovations More Affordable and Worth the Effort.” Want help paying for those renovation projects? Then contact Embrace Home Loans today. A cash-out refinance may be able help.

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