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    We all want to practice more self-care. But for real estate agents, that’s easier said than done.

    Agents are constantly busy. When they’re not driving around town on showings, they’re drawing up contracts, staging a listing, hosting an open house, or working on marketing efforts — either for their clients or to drum up new business.

    Fitting in self-care activities like yoga class, meditation, or even just a quiet cup of coffee alone? That feels near impossible for most.

    Fortunately, self-care doesn’t have to take up hours of your time, nor does it require a complete rearranging of your schedule. Want to fit some small self-care activities into your daily routine? These tips can help:

    Schedule it in.

    When you’re putting together your to-do list each morning or night, be sure to block in at least a few minutes for your preferred self-care activity. Maybe it’s 10 minutes on the stationary bike in your office, a five-minute meditation, or a chapter in a sci-fi novel you’ve been looking to read. Whatever it is, put it on the calendar and schedule a specific time for it each day. You can even set up a Google Calendar alert to remind you ahead of time.

    Work it into other activities.

    Self-care doesn’t have to be done exclusively. Combine it with other activities. Try listening to relaxing music on your way to work, hammering out emails while getting a pedicure or foot massage, or you could even catch up on client calls while taking a bath or sitting in the sauna. You might even consider a standing or walking desk if you really want to multi-task.  

    Set clear boundaries.

    Be protective of your self-care time. If you want to read or meditate on your lunch break, put boundaries in place to make sure it happens. Turn off your phone, head off-site, and block out your calendar for the hour. Don’t let work creep into your much-needed personal time.

    Keep a journal on hand.

    A super-easy way to practice self-care is just to carry a small journal with you. Use it to jot down your thoughts, worries, and concerns throughout the day, and keep your mental health in check while you’re on the go. You can even use it for your morning to-do lists or to write down personal affirmations to boost your confidence.

    Designate an unplugged time.

    Our devices keep us productive and on-task, but they can also be serious distractions from our thoughts and our physical and mental needs. Try to designate at least 30 minute period every day (maybe before bed?) when you can completely unplug and separate. Use the time to meditate, reflect on your day, or just spend some one-on-one time with your partner. 

    Get an accountability buddy.

    If you’re worried you won’t follow through on your self-care goals, then go in on it with a friend or loved one. Sign up for yoga together, share your goals with one another, and help keep each other in check and accountable. A therapist (even an online one like Better Help) can help here, too.

    Try sandwiching.

    Are there two things you know you’ll do every day, no matter what? Then sandwich a self-care activity right in between them so you can’t skip out. Want to meditate? Do a five-minute session between your shower and putting on your makeup. Need to stay better hydrated? Chug a water bottle after brushing your teeth but before putting on your shoes.

    Let yourself say no.

    You don’t have to say yes to every potential client that comes your way, and you also don’t have to do favors or go the extra mile for those who wouldn’t do the same for you. Be willing to say no to activities that aren’t worth your time or effort (or ones that could eat into your ability to care for yourself and your well being.) No isn’t just OK; it’s often necessary for proper self-care.

    Get the right tools.

    Equip yourself with the tools you need to achieve your self-care goals. Invest in a small journal that fits into your purse, buy a cute portable water bottle to carry around and keep you hydrated, or purchase an activity tracker or smartwatch to remind you to stand up and move more. There are lots of tools out there that can help.

    Be realistic.

    Don’t go changing your whole life and routine right away. Ease into your new habits, and just add one or two small self-care activities to start. If you want to incorporate more self-care later on, you can then work your way up from there.

    It’s Important to Prioritize Yourself

    At the end of the day, you’re only good to your clients if you’re at your best — and being your best? That requires self-care. Do yourself and your customers a favor by investing in it today.

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