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    Solid online reviews, ratings, and testimonials can do wonders for your business. Not only do they lend trust to your expertise and services, but they also help with your SEO efforts and make you more visible — both in search engines and on social media.

    But coming by those reviews isn’t as easy as most agents would hope.

    Today’s homebuyers and sellers are busy. Once they’ve closed the deal, they’re packing, moving, and on to the next phase in their lives. Throw in that most consumers don’t write reviews unless they’re overwhelmingly excited — or worse, really upset — and you’ve got an uphill battle from the start.

    Want help cultivating those online reviews and getting more visibility on the web?

    4 Tips for Real Estate Agents Who Want to Get More Reviews

    1. Send a housewarming gift — and a reminder. About two weeks after they’ve closed on their home (when you know they’re done moving in), send a card or small gift to congratulate them. Be sure to thank them for their business and ask if they wouldn’t mind writing you a quick review if they were satisfied with their transaction.
    2. Make the review process easy. Include a link to your reviews page in your email signature, or send them an easy form to fill out to streamline the process. The more hassle-free the review is, the more likely they’ll be to write it.
    3. Share reviews regularly on your social channels. Every so often, share a review on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social accounts. Make sure to include a link to your reviews page, too. Many times, these posts will remind past clients that they still need to write their own review — even if their closing happened months or years earlier. It’s never too late for a good review!
    4. Keep delivering value over time. Send follow-up emails or postcards from time to time, keeping clients up to date on what’s happening in their neighborhood or the housing market in general. You can also send value-added content about maintaining their home, decorating it, or key home improvements. Remind them of your expertise, keep yourself top of mind, and always include a review link in your signature.

    Referring your clients to other vendors that deliver top-notch service is just another way you can up their satisfaction — and the chances they’ll make time for that five-star review. Need a great lender to send them to? Consider Embrace Home Loans. Contact us today to learn about what we have to offer your clients.

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