Ready to Redecorate? Try These 12 Top Interior Design Trends of 2019

12 Top Interior Design Trends of 2019

Giving your home a new look doesn’t have to mean a full remodel or expensive new furnishings. Sometimes, just a little decor change, a few new pillows, and changing out your curtains can make all the difference.

Are you in the mood for a change around the house? Don’t want to put in too much time or effort? Then these 12 interior design trends are right up your alley.

Natural materials and colors

Everyone is all about sustainability these days, and that’s carrying over into the design world — both in how the decor is made/sourced and how it looks. Designers are flocking toward more responsibly-made products, as well as decor that reflects a more natural state. Think raw and reclaimed woods, mossy green and yellow tones, sleek stone and concrete, and lots of living plants and foliage.

Memphis style

If you’ve ever seen Memphis style design, then you’d surely remember. Big in the 1970s and 80s, it’s bold, it’s eye-catching and it’s full of color. This type of design is making a comeback, with an uptick in terrazzo flooring, busy patterns, and uniquely shaped furnishings (think triangle bookshelves or square recliners).

Light, airy touches

Many designers are opting for lighter, more feminine spaces — both in the bedroom and in shared living areas. This includes light hues (think blushes, pale bronzes, and light mauves), as well as fresher, more free-flowing materials, like silks and chiffons. It’s an approach that can instantly brighten up a room and even make it look larger.


In the same vein, florals are also seeing a resurgence. You’ll see them in fabrics, on furnishings, and even in the re-emerging wallpapers of today’s hottest properties. A great way to incorporate this trend is to find a simple, floral roll of contact paper. Use it to add a pop to open shelves or cabinets, or even frame it and let it serve as an accent piece on your wall.

Jewel tones

Deep greens are the hottest colors of 2019, but other deep jewel tones are in as well. Teals, bold purples, and royal blues are all top commodities for today’s designers, and they’re seeing use in artwork, on walls, in furniture, and in fabrics. They create instant drama and impact without a whole lot of added work (or investment).

Bold backsplashes

A simple, stark white or glass backsplash can offer a flawless foundation for any kitchen, but many designers are using that space to make more of a statement instead. Think bold patterns and designs, eye-catching colors, and graphic tiles here — backsplashes that draw in the eye and serve as decor in and of themselves.


Today’s designers are eschewing cookie-cutter designs and looking for ways to truly differentiate properties and make them unique. As such, handmade items are seeing a comeback — in a big way. Homemade Etsy creations, repurposed and upcycled furniture, and antique store restorations are all great ways to add totally unique, one-of-a-kind touches to your home without much investment.

Mixing patterns and textures

Gone are the days when everything had to be color-coordinated and matchy-matchy. This year, designers are blending patterns, colors, and textures to create a more sophisticated boho-like vibe. Incorporating those natural elements like raw woods and succulents only adds to this feel.

Acrylic furniture

If you live in a small space, the acrylic furniture trend might be for you. Acrylic furniture adds a clean, sleek touch, while also minimizing the visual real estate it takes up. It keeps your place from feeling busy or overcrowded.

Dark and bold bathrooms

Bathrooms are traditionally all white — or maybe light grey at their darkest. This year, designers are turning this old-hat approach on its head and instead opting for bolder bathing areas and restrooms. They’re painting bathrooms black and deep green, using dark marble countertops and matte black fixtures, and incorporating sleek silver and metal accents that really give a space personality.

Lighter woods

Dark woods aren’t your only option anymore. Lighter wood tones are finally making a comeback — on the floor, on cabinetry and even on furniture. Keep in mind that doesn’t mean throw out your old, darker wood items though. Designers are big on mixing and matching these days — whether its patterns, metal finishes, or even wood tones.

Bold artwork

No more watercolors and peaceful landscapes here. It’s all about art that makes a statement nowadays. This can include thought-provoking photography, richly colored paintings, bold patterns and more. Make your artwork the centerpiece — not an afterthought.

Covering the Costs

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