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Phone Apps to use

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by Erin English, Title Attorney Support

Today most of us are practically attached to our phones.  We might as well fill them with apps that could improve our quality of life in some way, right?

Memrise: Learning, Made Joyful

Memrise is a FREE app and website based around helping you learn. It has helped me better review and integrate information into my long-term memory.

Far too many people take that mandatory language class in high school or college and never use it again. That’s pretty sad! Personally, I have used these classes to revisit French 4 through French 7, German 1, and Introductory Chinese 1.

Other courses include: anatomy, a variety of standardized test prep courses, accounting reviews, and a whole library filled with just about any course you can imagine. Some friends of mine have used these courses as study tools for college classes, but they are just as great on their own as well. It’s a great way to try new things from the comfort of your home computer or phone and learn on your own terms.

StumbleUpon: Discover New & Interesting Web Pages, Photos, and Videos Across the Web

StumbleUpon is essentially a tool that “shuffles” the internet for you. You take a quiz centered on narrowing down your interests. Based on your choices you are shown web pages according to what you like.

For instance, if you are looking specifically for recipes, you’ll be shown all kinds of baking and cooking pages, and you can indicate a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to help better curate  what content you’ll be shown going forward.

Personally, I have 127 interests on the website, so my “Stumbles” illustrate a healthy variety of travel, photography, history, fashion, books, and all sorts of other things that appeal to my specific tastes. You can even save the pages you love. This is an easy way to widen your scope of websites so that you don’t grow bored.

iTunes U: Making Mobile Learning Accessible for Instructors & Students

This app allows you to browse all sorts of classes offered via open course-ware, enabling you to search for class lectures via class type or individual schools.

At your fingertips is a whole list of university classes, business school offerings, law school courses, and environmental classes. You’ll also discover a great number of video lectures and reading materials. I love listening to Itunes U courses when I am traveling, or just have some down time.

TriviaCrack: Challenge Your Friends!

A fun way to play and learn with your friends. I love this app for the same reasons I love Trivial Pursuit; but without the hassle of people canceling or rescheduling board-game night at the last minute!

Simple Habit: Modern Mindfulness for Your Busy Life

Simple Habit is a meditation app that offers a great variety of guided meditations, and helps you keep track of when you have meditated and for how long. It syncs with your phone calendar and can help you set reminders, which I really like because I have been trying to make an effort to carve out regular meditation time for myself.

Google CalendarShared Work Calendars that Suggest Times & Sync with E-Mail

The Google Calendar app is great because it can sync with your Outlook, phone, or any other social media calendar that already exists. It’s unique because you can email or text event invites and reminders to others, unlike other calendar or planner apps.

Google Calendar is particularly useful for families like mine because you can set reminders (and even color code them!) for school picture day, family coming to town, planning a vacation, date night, etc.. Everyone you invite to an event you create will always be on the same page and receive the same reminders.

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