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Many teams within Embrace Home Loans collaborate to deliver goods and services.
Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders.

We asked Jason Burnett, Embrace Retail Recruiter, about his team’s role in the onboarding process and the importance of the new hire training weeks.

What value do you get from the experience?

My favorite part of recruiting is getting to know the candidate. Everyone has a unique story to share. Most people I speak to are uncomfortable at first, and will make any excuse to end the conversation. I find joy in helping people learn more about a great company and potential opportunity. While also taking on the challenge of breaking down the barriers between recruits and the recruiter.

What value does the employee get?  

The potential candidates (hopeful employee) will become informed of everything there is to know about Embrace Home Loans. They will learn what makes Embrace unique, and the highlights of each of our departments. I will share competitive intelligence relative to their market and provide avenues for them to strengthen their network. The potential candidate will be introduced to several successful leaders within Embrace. Once the candidate comes on board, they will have a fantastic opportunity with a great company and all the support they need to succeed.

Come work with us

Come work with Us

What’s important about this part of onboarding for the company?

We are actively shaping our company for continued success by providing a higher quality talent pool for our hiring managers to select from. Recruiting is the funnel from which all of our sales candidates are presented. In most cases, the potential candidate has no interest in moving companies when we begin the process. We recruit in large markets with thousands upon thousands of potential candidates that we get to know. Then we select the candidates who are the right fit for Embrace. Once the candidates are identified as professionals we want to work with, it is our job to help them identify Embrace as the company for whom they want to work. Once that happens, we support them through the process, introduce them to our hiring managers and continue to provide support until the moment they walk through the door and begin their careers at Embrace.

What’s important for hiring managers to know?

The Retail Recruiting department is here to support you. By working together, we will meet Embrace’s hiring goals for 2017!

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