Personal Branding 101: Don’t NOT Brand Yourself

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In today’s competitive work environment, it can seem impossible to differentiate yourself. However, one easy way to step out from the crowd is to establish a personal brand. The power of personal branding is strong — it is how you market yourself and manage how you are viewed.

Here are more reasons why personal branding is crucial:

Branding builds trust.

Trust is not something that is easily earned, but in order to cultivate it, you must establish a personal brand. Corporate branding is often seen as less trustworthy than branding from an individual. You can come across as more authentic and sincere if you are sending branded messages personally.

Branding establishes you as a thought leader.

Once you find a niche area to focus on, you can establish yourself as a thought leader as part of your personal brand. Whether that be through sharing your thoughts on industry articles or publishing your own ideas in an original article, a portfolio of info and advice will give others the impression that you are a true thought leader and will help build that trust.

Branding sets you apart.

Escape from the pack with a personal brand. Don’t just be a team member or another salesperson, establish yourself in a way that is different from everyone else. Personal branding is crucial to keep up with those around you and while it will take effort and time, it is worth it. You never know who could be watching and taking note of what you are sharing.

3 Ways to Build a Personal Brand

1. Create a digital presence

You’ll need a space to share this thought leadership content, so why not build your own personal website or blog? If you don’t have the time or resources to maintain a website, social media is the next best thing. You can reach plenty of professionals on LinkedIn and the setup and maintenance is so easy, anyone can do it. This is a great way to really be at the forefront and get in front of some great influencers.

2. Collaborate

Build as many relationships as you can with other thought leaders in your industry or niche. This will create a lot of opportunities for you to grow your network and social following. You can even go so far as to collaborate on content with another influencer. This can help you both grow and you can make some great connections and friends in the process.

3. Be Yourself

Find your own vibe and style. You can’t really create a personal brand if there is nothing personal about it. Don’t do what everyone else is doing and just follow the status quo. Attract the right clientele by being unique and genuine. Many people do this by filming videos, sending out creative newsletters and placing a unique spin on marketing materials. Whether it be a really unique personal logo or even a video series where you showcase your knowledge and personality, there are plenty of ways to just be yourself.

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