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VA Loans Explained

If you served in the United States military for a certain period of time, you may be eligible for a VA loan. VA stands for Veterans Administration, which is the federal agency that backs these types of loans.

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Buying a Fixer-upper

If you have found a fixer-upper home at a bargain basement price, a home improvement loan might provide you with a way to transform your diamond in the rough into the dream home you have always longed for.

FHA Loan

FHA Loans Explained

If you are in the market for a new house, you have probably heard about FHA home loans. But do you really know what they are? Or how to qualify for one?

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Underwater Mortgages

If you are underwater on your mortgage – meaning you owe more than your home is worth – you have several options. Each potential solution has its pros and cons, and some are better than others.


5 Best Cities to buy a home

According to a list originally compiled by CNN Money, these five cities provide a perfect combination of location, price, and housing stock that present potential home buyers with the pick of the proverbial litter.

Home Inspection

Home Inspection

If you are shopping for a new home, you have probably been told to get a home inspection before you buy. Some real estate companies include home inspections in their purchase agreements.

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Save the bay

Embrace often has a jeans day to raise money for colleagues, worthy causes and friends in need. This is a day when employees donate $3 or more for a good cause and the privilege of dressing down.

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Lynchburg VA Office Voted Best in the Area

The readers of the Lynchburg, Virginia paper News and Advance made their voices heard voting Embrace Home Loans’ Lynchburg office the “Best Mortgage Company in the Lynchburg Area.” Branch Manager, Billy Woolridge was thrilled.

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Searching for a New Home Online

Internet access makes searching for a new home easier than ever before. There’s no need to sift through newspaper real estate sections when you can perform your own custom search online— or even take your home search on the road with mobile apps.

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Embrace Home Loans Kicks-off 30th Anniversary at After Hours Event

We will celebrate our 30th Anniversary this spring.  Today we employ 623, in fifteen offices across the country, with over 450 of those employees here in Middletown.