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Hiring a contractor

You’ve done enough research to know you’re going need multiple resources, a plumber, an electrician and a carpenter. To get this done right, you’re going to need a good contractor. Before you panic, here are the things you need to know about hiring a contractor

Nashville Expo

Embrace Home Loans Realtor Expo at the Johnny Cash Museum

The Embrace Home Loans Realtor Expo at the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, TN was a fun and memorable event! It took place last Wednesday, March 23rd and was a great success!

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How Is Your Credit Score Determined?

Credit scoring uses a formula to reduce a person’s complicated credit history into one simple number. Before trying to borrow money, it helps to understand how your credit score is calculated and what it says about your ability to get a loan.

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Creating a rainy day fund

Creating a rainy day fund can be a challenge, but you’ll be glad you have the cash you need on-hand should a crisis arise. How much? Traditionally a fund of this type would be enough to cover household expenses for up to six months. If you’re able to save more, all the better.

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10 Ways to Make Saving Money a Habit

Just as the depression of the 1930’s effected a generation, there is no question that young people today will carry with them the impact of lean times, years of high unemployment and the high cost of their education. That’s why it’s never too late to make saving a part of your routine.

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Accessibility and Aging

With the population of America’s elderly set to double between now and 2050, it is time to give real thought to the concept of accessibility. You’ll often hear of older homeowners looking to downsize, say that they are in the market for a single story home – no longer wishing to go up and down stairs.

Investing in your Home

Investing in Your Home

Owning a home may be your single largest investment. Yet the value of this investment depends on the amount of equity you build, how well you maintain your home and whether you take steps to improve its function and appearance. What is home equity? Home equity refers to the current market value of your home…

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Home Entertainment Where to start

A Home Theater used to be very expensive. The complexity of cables and wires, the size of components, TV’s, amplifiers, receivers and speakers made setup a daunting experience usually requiring a professional.

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Bathrooms Improvements You Can Make

When it comes time to sell you’ll want your bathrooms to be a show place.

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7 Simple Decluttering Tactics

Truth be told, clutter and how to eliminate it has become an obsession for many. This “cult” of decluttering is growing rapidly as the why, and the how to, are being debated and promoted all across the web.