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    Boring old concrete isn’t the only option when you’re resurfacing your driveway.

    From gravel and brick to asphalt and pavers, homeowners these days are choosing all types of stone, materials, and styles when creating their dream drives — and the results are striking.

    Want to try something new with your driveway re-do? Just need help determining the best approach for your needs? Here are your options:

    1. Gravel

    If you need a super affordable option, gravel is a good choice to make. The materials themselves are on the low end, and installation is easy (you can likely do the whole project yourself). That said, gravel isn’t right for all conditions and could make driving difficult if your area is snowy or icy.

    2. Asphalt

    Asphalt is one of the most durable driveway materials you can opt for. Great for cold, Northern climates, asphalt holds heat and helps melt away snow and ice in the wintertime. It does require regular sealing in order to keep it in top condition, though.


    Pavers can be a nice way to add a decorative touch to your driveway. You can choose from any number of colors, patterns, designs, and sizes, achieving virtually any look or style you imagine. Though pavers tend to cost more than other driveway options (you have to buy it piece by piece), they’re usually highly durable and easy to maintain.

    4. Brick

    This option is good if you want that classic, suburban look. If you’re hoping to sell, a brick drive can do wonders for property value (not to mention marketability), and they’re known to stand the test of time. Brick driveways tend to be on the more expensive side of your options, but they usually pay for themselves in the long-run.

    5. Crushed shell

    Located in a beach town or other tropical locale? A crushed-shell drive can add an eye-catching pop to that beachy aesthetic. Choose from all kinds of colors and shell types, and enjoy fairly low material and installation costs — especially if you source the shells locally.

    The Choice is Yours

    Of course, you can always go with standard concrete, too. This tends to be very durable and low maintenance, and it works in most parts of the country. You may be able to choose different colors or opt for textured concrete depending on the suppliers in your area.

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