One Day Isn’t Enough to Be Thankful

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We just enjoyed Thanksgiving, but according to some media outlets, it seems like if you celebrate the Christmas holiday and are not at least 75% done with your shopping you should be fairly stressed about it. Not a lot of time is allowed to just take in all you are grateful for and reflect on truly giving back before the onslaught of sales flyers hit your doorstep or smart device.

For most of us there is far more to be thankful for than there is to not be. We really should dedicate more than a day to being thankful — it’s much better as an everyday thing. To borrow some from a recent internal email delivered to everyone at Embrace, one day is not enough to be thankful. Everyday, take minute for you and think about:

  • Who makes you smile?
  • Who has been a friend?
  • Who has loved you unconditionally?
  • Who can you count on through thick or thin?
  • Who encourages you?
  • What beauty or marvel have you seen that amazed you? (If you are lucky, this is a person or persons)

These are the people that are responsible for your success and the reasons to truly be thankful. If you haven’t yet today, let them know.

And if you are a little heavier on the receiving side than you are on the giving side this year, consider spending a couple of hours at a local soup kitchen — or maybe there is something you are doing at your office that Embrace can be a part of. Be sure to reach out to one of our loan officers or branch managers because we would love to help you give back to your community.

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Kris Barros

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