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    Why list with you? Isn’t that the real question you want to answer in the initial presentation?

    If you answered no, you’re correct. While the listing presentation is a great opportunity to display your bona fides, it’s really more like a job interview. Anyone who’s been on a job interview and seen the response you get when you walk the interviewer through your resume should understand.  They’ve seen your resume. You’re there to ask questions, to better understand the position you’re applying for. The same is true for your listing presentation. Here’s a suggested approach:

    Don’t oversell yourself

    Keep the details of your experience and expertise to a minimum. You want to show, not tell. Let them know the topics you’d like to cover and ask if there’s anything you’ve missed which they’d like to discuss.

    Build rapport

    Ask key questions that will help you better understand your client’s situation. You want to focus on their needs, not yours. When do they need to move? Have they already found a new home? Where? Which is more important, timing or price? What are their expectations of a listing agent? Are they still paying a mortgage on the property? What do they think the property is worth currently?

    Come prepared

    You should be knowledgeable about the community, the size and style of their home and the market conditions in the neighborhood. Explain how comps are determined but consider using the CMA itself as an opportunity for a follow-up meeting.

    The process

    Walk them through the selling process so they know what to expect.

    The tech

    Show them how their listing might look. This gives you an opportunity to explain the variety of ways you can showcase their property on multiple platforms beyond just the traditional open house or individual showing.


    Explain your communication strategy and find out what their preferences are regarding showing time, etc.


    Have a formal package to leave with the clients that provides your background as well as your company’s. This is the place to include your resume and list of achievements.


    Make sure you’ve answered all their questions. If you don’t have an answer, get back to them with one ASAP. Outline next steps which and schedule a meeting to review comps and determining a marketable price for their home.

    How you conduct yourself in this first crucial meeting will determine whether or not you’ll get the listing. Try to listen more than you talk and be flexible with your planned agenda. Relax and be observant. Remember, just like in a job interview, you also need to determine if you can work well with them.

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