Lush Landscaping & Tiny Homes: Stop and Smell the Roses at the Newport Flower Show

Flower show in Newport Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island is home to one of the most anticipated flower shows in the country — and we’re lucky enough to live here! Situated on the lavish grounds of Rosecliff — one of Newport’s Gilded Age mansions — the annual event always provides a guaranteed gorgeous and inspiring weekend for locals, tourists, and flower lovers of all ages.

This year’s show not only provided landscaping ideas, but also inspiration for our favorite thing — the home! The theme for 2018, “Cottages Smart & Small,” magnified the concept of minimalistic living and brought real tiny homes to the Rosecliff lawn.

Enjoy our collection of photos below — hopefully they’ll spark some creative ideas for your home and garden!

Small house, BIG line! To experience the interior of this amazing home was worth the wait!

This tiny cottage proves that elegance comes in all shapes and sizes!

Why drive to a movie theatre when you can drop one in your backyard!

This modern style tiny home was one of our favorites! With billowing window boxes, clean lines, and A+ landscaping, this home made downsizing look like a dream.

…..if only these images were scratch and sniff!

If someone had said C.S. Lewis sat on these very steps and wrote “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” it would have been believable.

A Sunday stroll to remember!

It truly was all in the details! From the chandeliers, to the architecture, to the flowers — Rosecliff’s ballroom felt like a movie set!

The back lawn of Rosecliff was much like that of a firework display’s grand finale. Just when the show seems to be over — BOOM! — a gorgeous fountain welcomes you to an array of vendors and entertainment with an unforgettable ocean view back drop.


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