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    Nothing distinguishes a house from the pack like unique, one of a kind, home décor. If you’re like me you watch the Give Thankshome networks and see these amazing designers magically pull incredible, functional, “I wish I had one!” objects out of their back pockets. Where do they come from? Most of us puruse the aisles of our local home goods stores and yes, I too love these places for bedding and basics.  But where do they find the really unique pieces?

    Where to Shop?

    • Antique markets
    • Consignment shops
    • Etsy
    • Your neighborhood
    • The local Facebook swap and sell

    Antique Markets

    Some of my favorite pieces, and most of my home’s lighting, have been found at the Brimfield Show. Held three times a year, May, July and September, the Brimfield Show is the largest antique/resale fair in the Northeast. Brimfield is my Superbowl, offering days of shoppoing with acres and acres of vendors. Ever wonder where your favorite boutiques get those amazing, vintage finds? Now you know. (pro tip- Bring cash and a large empty vehicle)

    My other annual favorite is the Country Living Fair. I’ve visited the show in both Columbus, OH and Atlanta, GA and loved them both. They have several locations held at various times of the year. Here you can find tons of DIY ideas, antiques, home goods, recycled and upcycled furniture, art, clothing and more. If you haven’t been yet, it is a trip worth making!

            Make holiday gifts         Canvas Line Art

    Local Consignment / Thrift Shops

    Whether at home or traveling, I love to look f
    or local consignment shops. You are supporting small businesses and the communities, recycling and you’ll find some great deals too! Use Yelp to find stores near you. I just picked up this signed, vintage print here in Wakefield, RI at Consignments, LTD

    Etsy Artwork


    Etsy is a great resource for everything from art to handmade furniture and accessories. My entire home color pallet revolves around two miniature acrylic paintings I purchased from an Etsy shop a decade ago. More recently I was looking to turn a found item into furniture and had an Etsy metal artist forge me the iron legs I needed for this custom piece. Cost- $59!

    Creating Reclaimed BenchReclaimed Bench

    Your Neighborhood

    Some of my favorite accessories have come out of ponds, oceans, and my neighbors garages.  Be resourceful! Take a walk in the woods, stroll the beach, peek in your best friend’s basement. You never know what treasures you can find. The bench above was made from a piece of wood that drifted up on the Newport harbor during a summer storm. The kitchen table below was salvaged from a bakery in Detroit.

    kitchen table


    I used to use Facebook to pop in on my friends. Now I use it almost exclusively to yard sale. Before I make the 20 mile trek to the nearest home goods store, I check out my local Facebook “Swap and Sell” sites. This summer I furnished a rental property almost entirely off Facebook; buying furniture to paint, couches that were used exclusively for home staging, lighting, mirrors, and some fun unique pieces like an antique school desk and vintage barn pendant light.  I also use these sites now to sell items that no longer suit my taste or needs. Recycling? Community connections? Low budget decorating? FB has it all!

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