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    Podcasting can be a great way to show off your expertise, generate leads, and even create extra income. But it’s not a fly-by-night strategy.

    Creating your own real estate podcast — as well as drumming up listeners for it — requires some work, and you’ll need the right equipment, skills, and dedication to make it happen.

    Are you a real estate agent looking to start your own podcast? Want to leverage this new form of media to increase business? Here’s what you’ll need to do first:

    Learn from the masters.

    Before you can create the next big real estate podcast, you first need to study the podcasts that came before you. Next time you’re in the car, fire up your podcasts app and start listening to some of the industry’s top existing shows.

    • What do they talk about?
    • What formats do they use?
    • What works and what doesn’t?

    Start to pinpoint what makes these podcasts successful and how you can incorporate those elements into your own show down the line.

    Invest in the right tools.

    You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on equipment, but you’ll definitely need a few tools to make your podcast a reality. Most importantly, you’ll want a quality microphone. Though you could record using the built-in mic on your computer or smartphone, it won’t be the best quality for your listeners. If you do go this route, consider investing in a recording app like iRig Recorder.

    In addition to a good microphone, you’ll also need headphones and editing software. In terms of editing, there are free options (like Audacity and GarageBand), as well as paid tools like Reaper or Adobe Audition. You may want to start with the free tools and upgrade to a paid one once your show takes off.

    If you plan to interview guests, you may also need call recording software to add to the mix.

    Determine your topics and format.

    Before you get too far into the planning process, decide what you’re going to talk about.

    • Will you keep it local, and talk about your community and market?
    • Will you go broader and discuss industry topics, trends, stats, and more?
    • What unique insights or experiences do you have to share with the world?

    Take some time to brainstorm what your podcast will cover and what type of listeners you want tuning in. This will help guide your marketing strategy (as well as what to name your show!)

    You should also figure out your format.

    • Will it be interview- or Q&A-style?
    • More narrative-focused?
    • Panel discussions?

    Determine which approach fits your show best.

    Know how you’ll share it.

    There are many ways to get your podcast out there. You can create a website and self-host it, you can upload it to platforms like SoundCloud or Buzzsprout, or you can even add it to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify. Keep in mind that the major platforms (Apple, Spotify, etc.) are going to have stricter requirements for content, quality, imagery, and even metadata. In exchange, though, you get access to a lot more listeners. 

    You can also share your podcasts on social media and your own personal website (or create social accounts just for your show!)

    Brush up on your skills.

    Not a pro at audio editing or recording? Need to hone your interviewing or writing skills? Take some time to brush up before launching your show. Udemy has a whole slew of audio-related courses, and you’ll even find classes on podcasting, interviewing, and more. Best of all, they’re all online and take only a few hours at most. 

    Consider partnering up.

    You don’t have to go it alone on your podcast. In fact, thanks to the wonder of the internet, you can actually team up with anyone around the globe. Bring in an agent from the opposite coast to host along with you, or connect with local home inspectors, contractors, lenders, interior designers, or investors to give your listeners info right from the source. All you need it a call recording app, and bringing in an extra voice is just a dial away.

    Go the extra mile.

    There are hundreds of podcasts out there, so do what you can to make yours stand out. Ask a musician friend to write you a theme song, or head to and commission a low-cost logo or graphic. You can even download open-source music tracks to use as background on your show. 

    Another Way to Impress Your Clients

    A podcast is a great way to generate leads and impress clients with your expertise. Another strategy? Refer them to vendors who will care for their needs just as you do. 

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