Humans of Embrace: Nia Barbosa

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On May 13, 2018, Embrace Home Loans celebrated its 35th birthday. To mark the occasion, we’ve collected a series of stories from Embrace employees to share our journey and culture with customers, partners, friends, and family.


Nia Barbosa, Digital Analyst

With Embrace since 2018

“Before I arrived at Embrace two months ago, I spent much of my free time outside of the country. Travel is my passion and I have found no better way to connect with my colleagues than by bringing some small piece of these wonderful experiences back to work with me.

Since there is no guarantee chocolate bars would make it back before I could give in to temptation, I found that the teas I gathered on my journey were the perfect way for my fellow co-workers to taste a little bit of the world right along with me. Italy, Hawaii, Dubai — anywhere I have been, they can be; at least for a cup or two.

As I continue on in my personal journeys across the globe, I am able to tell stories about my adventures over a warm cup with flavors you can only find somewhere far, far away. This is my way of sharing these pivotal, eye-opening experiences that helped shape the very person I’ve become today — and in turn, share a big part of myself with everyone here. The more I travel, the more I hope to keep the ‘Tea Cove’ growing, just as I hope my relationships will continue to grow with everyone here at Embrace.”

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