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    On May 13, 2018, Embrace Home Loans will celebrate its 35th birthday. To mark the occasion, we’ve collected a series of stories from Embrace employees to share our journey and culture with customers, partners, friends, and family.

    Deanna Roy, VP and Corporate Secretary

    With Embrace since 1986

    “I started with Embrace back in 1986 — fresh out of college — with not much knowledge about what I’d be doing for my job when I was hired. Embrace was tiny, with only about six employees at the time. I was given anything and everything that needed to get done — accounting, human resources, marketing, database programming, loan disbursements, insurance, facilities, contracts, managing the phone system, and more — all areas that we have whole departments for now.

    I have since gotten married (and divorced), had a child who’s now in college, and developed some great friendships with fellow Embrace teammates. When I started, our owner had three children — a young girl, a toddler, and an infant. Now, those children are all grown with their own families, and two of them are managing at Embrace!

    I’ve seen so many changes with this company over the years, and hundreds (if not thousands) of employees changing positions, being promoted, coming, and going. I have had the honor of building several work relationships with incredible people that have 20-25+ years, and have had lots of laughs and fun. I have spent the majority of my life here, and can’t imagine working anywhere else — partly because I really haven’t worked anywhere else, but mostly because it has become a second family and ‘home.’ Embrace has provided me with such a great work-life balance, for which I am eternally grateful.”


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