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    Hurricane season is quickly approaching, and if 2017 taught us anything, it’s that it’s crucial homeowners be prepared — especially if they’re in a high-risk area.

    That means safeguarding your property, readying your family for potential evacuation, and having a plan for your pets and valuables should a storm head your direction.

    Here’s what you can do to prepare right now:

    • Build an emergency kit – It should have flashlights, batteries, a radio, a walkie talkie, and first aid supplies. Make sure it’s in an easily portable bag, too, in case you need to take it on the go.
    • Stock up on supplies – This doesn’t just mean food, water, and other items you might need if power is down, but also things like wood, nails, tarps, and other hardware. You may need to board up your windows or use the tarp to cover holes in your roof or walls, if necessary.
    • Consider buying a kayak or raft – Invest in a small boat, canoe, kayak, or flotation device that could get you and your family out safely should your house be flooded. Even a jet-ski can work, though you’d have to take loved ones one at a time.
    • Know where to go – Have a safe spot designated in case you need to evacuate. Have a sister or friend in another city? Ask if they can be your go-to. Then, sit down with your loved ones to talk evacuation routes, plans, and other details. Make sure everyone is on board and understands the plan.
    • Keep your trees trimmed – Hurricanes often cause tree limbs and branches to fall on homes, cars, and people below. Keep your trees trimmed as much as possible during this season, and be sure to remove any dead or decaying ones before it’s too late.
    • Get a generator – A generator can help you get by during extended power outages. Just make sure you stock up on gas to power it. If buying one is out of your price range, consider splitting the cost with a neighbor and sharing in its use if a hurricane occurs.

    Though last year’s biggest hurricanes hit in August, hurricane season technically begins June 1, so don’t delay in readying your home. If you’re located in a high-risk state like Texas, Florida, or North Carolina, get started today on prepping your property — and your loved ones — for potential storms that might come your way.

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