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    We all know an active social media presence is critical in today’s world. But just throwing up some cobbled-together text or an image you screenshotted off Google? That’s not the best way to do it (it may not be legal either!)

    If you really want your social efforts to make an impact, then your posts need to look professional and high-quality — reflective of the services and experience you offer.

    Are you ready to take your social posts to the next level? Not sure where to start? These tools and tips can help.

    1. Use a drag-and-drop design tool.

    You don’t need expert design skills to create pro-level posts.

    With tools like Canva and Easil, you can drag and drop design elements, texts, photos, and more, creating right-sized images for every platform you’re present on.

    2. Try a photo editing app.

    There are also mobile apps that can help you take your posts up a notch.

    Instagram has built-in editing, text, and design tools (especially in the Stories section), and apps like VSCO, Snapseed, and A Color Story can help, too. If you want to do layouts, change fonts, or even add illustrative elements to your image, A Design Kit and Adobe Spark Post are good options.

    3. Leverage templates.

    Starting with a template is a great way to create an effective and beautiful post. Just a few options for templates include PromoRepublic, Template Monster, Lucid Press, and Creative Market. If you’re looking for Stories templates specifically, try the Unfold app.

    4. Hire it out.

    There’s no shame in hiring some help for your social posts.

    Sites like Upwork make it easy to bring in a freelance designer, or you can even look to Fiverr for some quick and cheap help. If you have the funds for it, hiring a part-time marketing assistant can be smart, too. Especially once those leads start coming in.

    5. Sign up for an agent marketing service.

    There are loads of agent-specific marketing companies out there that can manage your social accounts on your behalf or, in some cases, give you great fodder to post on your profiles.

    ListReports’ Shareables are a good option, too. These are images, infographics, polls, and other posts that are specifically created for agents and their clients. Just download and post to your accounts, and the rest is history. Ripl is another service you might consider.

    6. Invest in some quality stock photos.

    Screenshots and iPhone images aren’t the best way to impress your clients.

    Instead, consider investing in some stock photos from Getty, Shutterstock, and more. You can usually get these in “packs,” purchasing five or 10 at a time until they’re all used up. There are also free ones like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels.

    7. Make filters your friend.

    When in doubt, use a filter.

    Instagram and Facebook both have tons of built-in filter options, which can change everything from the contrast and color to how bright the photo is. Some filters even add frames, effects, and thematic elements. (You should also check your phone, too. Many smartphones now have photo filtering tools, too.)

    8. Take a design class.

    If you really want to create expert-level posts, invest some time and energy into learning a professional design tool, like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. You can take courses in these programs online, at your local community college, and even through Adobe itself.

    9. Use live videos.

    Not every social post has to be pulled together and perfect. If you want to add some authenticity to your online presence, consider going live once in a while — or just recording a live video on the fly.

    These let followers see the real you, and they also give a sneak peek into what goes behind the scenes. This makes them feel more a part of your business and helps build up brand loyalty.

    10. Use your brokerage’s resources.

    If you’re part of a brokerage, find out what resources you have at your disposal and use them:

    • Are there logos, fonts, and templates you can use?
    • Is there a virtual assistant or designer in-house you could leverage?
    • Does the marketing department have any tips or tricks they can offer?

    Use the collateral, team members, and resources you have at your disposal.

    11. Plan ahead.

    Finally, plan your posts ahead of time. Posting quickly and without thought almost always leads to a less-than-professional look.

    Plot out your content at least a week ahead of time, sit down and create your images early, and be thoughtful about what you put out into the world. You might even consider a posting calendar to keep you on track.

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