Home Builders: Here’s What Today’s Buyers Are Looking for in a House

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The best way to entice homebuyers away from resale (and over to new construction) is to simply tune in to their ever-evolving tastes and preferences.

Unless a resale property has been recently and expertly renovated, there’s no way it can offer a buyer all the trendiest upgrades, features, and technologies they’re looking for. Builders, on the other hand, do have the power to offer these things — as long as they know what they are.

Are you in tune with the latest buyer trends and tastes? Are you offering what today’s (and tomorrow’s) buyers want — and more? Here are the features that can help your homes stand apart:

  • Spacious laundry and utility rooms – A recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders shows that spacious laundry rooms are top of mind with today’s buyers. They want plenty of room, lots of storage and hanging space and, if possible, even a sink for rinsing or hand-washing. These rooms are no longer an afterthought for most buyers, but one of the top-ranking features on their home shopping lists.
  • Energy efficiency – Buyers are also looking for features that save energy (and the costs associated with it). Energy Star appliances, energy-efficient windows, and water-saving features are all highly sought after with today’s buyers.
  • Storage, storage, storage – Storage is hugely important to most buyers these days. They want spacious pantries, built-in garage shelving and hanging racks, and extra-tall cabinetry that offers lots of extra room.
  • Open kitchens with sleek upgrades – The majority of modern buyers want their kitchen and dining areas to have an open concept — at least partially. Within those spaces, they want sleek features like stainless steel appliances, farmhouse sinks, stone countertops and clean, white cabinets. Gray tones are also hot in kitchen, dining, and bathroom areas.
  • Smart technology – Technologies that automate the home or add convenience/comfort are also hot with today’s buyers. Smart home hubs, smart doorbells, smart locks, and smart security systems are all sought-after features that increase the value and marketability of a home.
  • Smaller spaces – Buyers might want lots of storage space and open concept rooms, but what they don’t want? Massive, too-large homes that they just can’t fill. Data shows that American homebuyers are increasingly gravitating toward smaller homes. Average square footage is down, the number of four-bedroom (or more) properties is declining, and three-car garages are waning in popularity as well.

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