Holiday Gift Guide: The 5 Best Gifts for New Homeowners

welcome gift in an empty kitchen

Have a friend, family member, or colleague who bought a home this year? Don’t phone it in with their holiday gift.

Being a new homeowner is expensive, and you can bet your loved one could use a helping hand this season. Instead of giving them the standard candle or cozy blanket this time around, consider one of these thoughtful (and useful) gifts for new homeowners instead:

1. A meal subscription kit

Chances are your friends still have quite a few boxes to unpack. They might not have access to all their pots, pans, or dishware yet, or they could be so busy getting their home ready, they just don’t have time to grocery shop. Make home cooking easy by enrolling them in a meal subscription box, like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. Be sure to prepay for at least a few weeks’ worth, and give them fair warning when it will be canceled or become their financial responsibility.

2. Cleaning, organizing, or lawn services

Help your loved ones ease into homeownership by hiring a pro to cover the cleaning or mowing for a few weeks. You can even enlist a professional organizer to help them unpack or get their closet in order.

3. A big IKEA, Home Depot, or Lowe’s gift card

Get your friends, co-workers or family members together, and all go in on a big gift card (at least a few hundred dollars). When you’re a new homeowner, repairs and little projects are always cropping up—and during the holiday season, these can really hurt the bank account. A generous gift card can ease the financial burden a bit.

4. A personalized welcome mat or cutting board

Buying a home is a big deal, and most people are pretty proud of becoming a homeowner. Help your loved one show that pride with a monogrammed welcome mat or cutting board. You can get standard ones at Bed Bath & Beyond (just the letter of their last name, for example) or purchase more custom-made gifts for new homeowners via Etsy.

5. A holiday ornament to commemorate their new home

Want a more festive gift? Try one of these customized ornaments. Just send in a picture of the home, and the artist will create a tree ornament that looks just like it. It’s the perfect way to commemorate their home purchase while giving them a gift they’ll use season after season for many years to come.

Gifting for a new homeowner this holiday season? Think outside the box a little, and give them something that can make their life easier, more convenient, or more affordable.

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