Give Your Buyers a Competitive Advantage This Spring

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How many times have you heard “there has never been a better time” to do something?

This statement couldn’t be more true if you are thinking about preparing for this spring’s home buying season. Interest rates are up, home prices continue to rise, inventory is low—and likely to stay that way—and continuing to rent is a very real consideration for many potential homebuyers. All together, these factors make for a potentially complicated spring buying season.

While demand will definitely be there this spring, will your potential buyers be as prepared as possible for what could be an affordability crunch—and the very real possibility they may not be able to afford the home they want?

That is why now might be the best time to get your potential buyers into homes and making offers. If you think back to last week’s Mortgage Update, even minor increases in mortgage rates can significantly impact a buyer’s ability to get financed for the amount they may need to purchase that home they really want.

There is a lot Embrace can do right now to help you transition your potential homebuyers to homeowners. Whether you have buyers in need of getting Approved to Move, clients that may need to consider new construction (or the possibility of rehabbing a fixer upper), or individuals in need of exploring all their financing options, we can help ensure they are in the product that maximizes their buying power. We will invest the time and energy working with your buyers to have them ready to make that offer when you find that perfect home.

This spring will be very competitive, but with Embrace your buyers will have the benefits of a pre-approval—almost as good as cash—with our Approved to Move program, and the confidence our Guaranteed On Time Closing gives them to submit an offer.

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By Mary Mack / February 2nd, 2018 / Categories: / Tags:

Mary Mack

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