Getting Ready for the 2019 Hurricane Season

Mortgage Updates

Before summer even starts, the 2019 hurricane season will kick off June 1st. While it’s easy to just think about summer concerts and festivals rather than inclement weather, it’s a little more critical to be prepared in the event you end up in the projected path of a hurricane.

Some hurricane preparedness tips to share with family, friends, and clients include:

  • Know where to go in the event of a local area evacuation. A local area emergency management agency can provide this information.
  • Gather and protect important household documentation, including birth certificates, passports, marriage licenses, mortgage statements, deed, insurance policies, and medical files.
  • Protect valuables and family mementos by storing them in a safety deposit box, fire- and water-proof safe, or moving them to higher ground where they are less likely to incur damage.
  • Download a smartphone app that allows friends and family to know if you are safe. The Red Cross has a hurricane app, as do many for-profit organizations.
  • Assemble an emergency supply kit (water, flashlights, food, first-aid supplies, medication) for several days.
  • Create a family emergency plan, making sure everyone knows what to do and where to go if separated and when.
  • Move lawn debris and lawn furniture, or lawn items that will not be able to sustain strong winds, indoors.
  • Secure loose rain gutters and ensure that they are clear from debris to keep water flowing and prevent further damage.
  • If financially possible, invest in a generator and supplies to board up windows and patio doors.
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