Former-Boy Bander vs. TV Network in the Race to “Win” an Iconic House

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We all remember the story of a lovely lady who met a man named Brady. We also remember the iconic house from that 70’s sitcom that almost flopped, but developed a cult following in reruns.

Jump ahead a couple of decades and boy band *NSYNC has found similar cult status, even though no one in the band can play an instrument.

Jump ahead a few more years and it’s hard to find an episode of The Brady Bunch in reruns — and outside of one member of the “band,” Justin Timberlake, most are irrelevant in the music industry.

Recently, the iconic Brady home was up for sale and one of the not so relevant *NSYNC members was bidding on the property.

Don’t panic. The time space continuum is not in jeopardy. The paths of 70’s and 90’s icons will not intersect.

HGTV stepped in and snuffed out Lance Bass’ dream of owning the Brady house. Reality TV home restoration is in the future for The Brady Bunch home.

While it may seem like something in the cosmos had aligned to bring about the circumstances surrounding the Brady house sale, this is not really the case. How many homes in need of some rehabilitation come on the market, after having been off the market for two or three decades? They are not the most desirable properties, but end up for sale with multiple bidders, and a potential home owner’s dreams are foiled by an investor. For a while it was the homebuying experience for many. Maybe not so much today as increasing home prices and demand have made investing less attractive.

But homebuyers still have it tough. So tough that it isn’t hard to picture Jan crying, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” after finding out she had been outbid on a home by her big sister.

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