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    When it comes to gift giving, dads can be a challenge. To make this Father’s Day easier, here are some gifts that are sure to please even the most discerning dad.

    1. For a Laugh

    If you’re looking for a little gift with big laughs, Elias Hill’s book “101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes” is just the thing. This top 5 bestseller on Amazon contains cringe-worthy dad jokes for every occasion. How can you go wrong with 4.8 stars out of five? Add a 16 oz “To Dad: From the Reasons You Drink” beer glass and you’ve got a pun-filled Father’s Day gift for less than $20.

    2. Auto-mation

    Does your dad love his ride? Is he out in the driveway every weekend washing and waxing his car? If so, make his Saturdays a little easier with a ThisWorx Car Vacuum. This little sucker has 3 different nozzles (including a dry/wet one) designed to reach even the tightest spots. With a 16-foot long cord, a special brush for filter cleaning, and its very own carrying case, this compact vacuum works with any vehicle with a 12V outlet. And, for less than $30, this convenient gift will keep dad’s car clean between those expensive detailing jobs.

    3. Home Automation

    Get your techie dad started on the road to home automation with a digital thermostat. If dad’s a Google guy check out the “Nest.” This premier product started it all. Designed to provide energy savings, the Nest learns your heating preferences and then modifies them accordingly to get the most from your heating and cooling system and energy savings. Both the original Nest and the Nest Thermostat E work with the Google Home app and can be voice-controlled using any of the Amazon Echo devices. The Nest thermostats are priced at $249 and $169, respectively. For dads in the Apple ecosystem, check out iDevices Thermostat. Control your heat form any iDevice or ask Siri to adjust the heat or air conditioning.

    4. A Perfect Fit

    Want to encourage dad to get fit and stay fit? The Fitbit Versa packs the power of those more expensive smart watches without the high price tag. The Fitbit Versa features activity, sleep, and heart rate tracking, and has a battery life of 4+ days. Available in three editions starting, there’s the Lite at $159.95, the Versa at $199.95, and the Special Edition at $229.95.

    5. A Close Shave

    Until a few short years ago, shaving was dominated by Schick and Gillette. The razor itself was relatively inexpensive, but you had to refinance your mortgage to buy the blades. Since Harry’s came on the scene in 2013, men now have a better and cheaper option. In addition to Harry’s razors and blades, they also offer other personal care products for men. Users can subscribe to receive new razor blades and shaving cream once per week or month. Blades are cheaper the more you buy, starting with four at $2.25 a piece, up to 16 at $1.88 per blade. Harry’s “Shave Sets,” including razor and blades, start as low as $15.

    6. Picture Disk

    More than just nostalgia, the warm sound of vinyl is back and capturing the imagination of a whole new generation. From classic rock to the latest hip hop, vinyl records are selling like hotcakes. To spin those platters, consider a turntable from Audio-Technica. AT has a wide range of turntables to choose from. So, whether dad is an audiophile or just wants to dig out those old 45’s and LP’s, prices range from $99 – $799.\

    7. Charge It

    Does dad have a wireless mobile phone? If so, Anker has a full line of charging products to select from. Its 7.5W model is compatible with iPhone XS Max/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus; 10W charges Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S8+/Note 8; and its 5W model works with all Qi-enabled phones. Let dad charge while he sleeps for just $29.99.

    8. Play it By Ear

    Wireless headphones are finally really and truly here. Great for the gym or for audiophile listening, wireless headphones come in every style — over ear, ear buds, Air Pods, and even noise-canceling. Bose, Apple, Sennheiser, Beats, Under Armor, and Pantronics are just a few of the many manufacturers offering headphones in a wide range of prices that are sure to fit just about any budget.

    9. A Personal Assistant

    Since Amazon introduced its line of Echo products, Alexa has become the leading personal assistant. Playing music on request, setting reminders, and searching the web, Alexa is available in full size speaker and the compact Echo Dot. Google offers its own line of Smart Speakers. Simply say “Hey, Google,” to the Mini, Google Home, or Google Home Max. Apple’s HomePod at $349 is a high-end version of the Echo or Smart Speaker and its primary focus is delivering the best quality sound from a small speaker. Siri is available to answer your questions, play music, and more. Both Amazon and Google offer speakers starting at $49.99.

    This list barely scratches surface when it comes to finding the right gift for that special dad. This year, skip the tie and use your imagination.

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