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    There’s a lot to love about Embrace Home Loans, but one of our strongest assets has always been our employees. We have teammates who have been with us for 10, 20, even 30+ years. And we’ve also been hiring new employees at a furious pace recently.

    In this Employee Spotlight, we’ll be featuring two Embrace teammates — one new employee, and one employee who has already been with us for a while. Each will give different perspectives on the Embrace experience and a little more personal info so you’ll be able to get to know them better.

    Want to nominate someone to feature in a future spotlight? Email Mary Mack at [email protected]

    TIM HIGGINSON, Learning Specialist II

    What is your official title and what do you do at Embrace?

    My official title is Learning Specialist II. I do a multitude of things, just like all of the other learning specialists!

    I’ve been lucky to be a part of the Velocify project, in which I develop trainings and help support loan officers on the technical side of the product. Along with help desk work, I’ve also been working on video content to enhance our Embrace support library for both Empower and Simple Nexus which has been an absolute blast and learning experience. 

    What made you want to work at Embrace?

    The culture Embrace had to offer caught my eye almost instantly. I had just graduated college prior to getting hired and was looking for something to really challenge me, and a place to surround myself with great people. Everyone I have met on my journey with Embrace so far has helped me grow professionally. I could not be more thankful for the doors this company has opened for me in such a short period of time.

    How has it been starting a new job at Embrace?

    It was a really weird time for me! I had just graduated college and it was the brink of COVID. We actually did not get to walk for graduation, so it was not the best way to close out that chapter of life. After interviewing and landing a role with Embrace everything really started to become better, even in the midst of COVID, the onboarding experience was incredible and I was always aware of the next step I needed to take (big shoutout to HR!). I moved to Talent Development about two months ago. The team of learning specialists and John made sure I was up to speed any chance they got and really showed what a professional team is made of.

    What did you do for a living before you came to Embrace?

    Before coming to Embrace I was still a college student. I worked a few different small summer jobs but really was 24/7 committed to my wrestling career with Johnson & Wales at the D3 level. I’ve wrestled for around 18 years and if you know the sport it’s pretty much a full-time job if you ever want to succeed in it. It really helps build you into a man!

    We’d love to get to know you a little better! Tell us about yourself.

    I grew up in a beautiful, quiet town in New Jersey. Actually, I grew up in the middle of nowhere on a farm (yes Jersey has farms, we’re not only beaches and clubs). I have two older brothers (the greatest guys around), and the best parents on the planet.

    Currently, I’m living in North Providence, RI with my girlfriend and our incredibly hyper and loving dog, Asher. I love to fish any chance I get; before moving to Rhode Island, I would go fishing with my Dad almost every weekend during the summer — can’t beat those moments! I’m hoping to get out more here in Rhode Island as we’re surrounded by some of the best saltwater fishing you can get.

    I still try to wrestle (granted I have time and the energy) and I try to stay involved with my college program as much as possible. I’m looking forward to our upcoming season, as the last two were either canceled or limited to only five or six matches. One thing most people get to know quickly about me — I love pretzels. I eat more pretzels than probably anyone on the planet and I can name every possible brand on the market. A pretzel connoisseur of sorts, and proud of it.

    KEITH COSTELLO, Learning Specialist III

    What is your official title and what do you do at Embrace?

    Learning Specialist III. As a Learning Specialist, I assist Embrace employees with our Empower LOS by providing training and technical support. I also provide additional training for members of our new Mortgage Loan Associate (MLA) program.

    How long have you worked for Embrace?

    I started at Embrace on August 4, 2003 — almost 18 years!!!

    What made you want to work at Embrace?

    I was originally hired as a loan officer — an opportunity well suited to my sales background that allowed me to successfully provide financial stability for my family.

    What’s one of your favorite Embrace memories?

    I have a number of great memories — and look forward to having many more — but I’d like to just share my fond recollection and the lasting connection I have with my initial teammates.

    I worked on Team 2. We had a strong team that was led by a super boss, Claudia Mobilia, who I could always count on for support and encouragement. There was also Cary Humphrey — he’d always be the first one in the building getting his day prepared and quietly ending the year as a top 3 producer. There was our resident engineer on the team, Brad Cardwell, who always had an interesting take on things and was right 10 times out of 10, regardless of the subject matter. Last but not least, to round out this all-star group, was Sabra Perpall, also a top 3 producer. Though Sabra is no longer with Embrace, she provided the best mentorship I have ever had in my career and I value her investment in me towards my success.

    I don’t see my old teammates as often as I once did but I know I can always count on them because of the bonds we’ve shared together here at Embrace.

    How has it been working from home for most of this year? Has Embrace made it easier for you in any way?

    It has been convenient for sure and cost-effective, but I’m looking forward to the routine of working alongside my teammates again. They added some technologies for remote work that made it just as easy to work from home as it is coming into the office.

    We’d love to get to know you a little better! Tell us about yourself.

    I am originally from Worcester, Massachusetts and attended college at Northeastern University in downtown Boston where I studied Criminal Justice and played Rugby.

    I currently live in Warwick, Rhode Island, and most days outside the workplace you can find me at a New England hockey rink watching one of my two sons Billy (17) and Max (14) playing the sport they love.

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