Easy Ways to Enhance Your Real Estate Listings

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A great listing is the foundation for any property sale’s success — no marketing strategy, no outreach technique, and no open house event can make an impact without one.

Fortunately, improving your listings and enhancing their value doesn’t have to take a whole lot of time or effort. In fact, with just a few extra steps and tools, you can drastically improve the impact of your listings have from the get-go.

Here’s how:

  • Include a video tour and a floor plan – You could hire a professional photographer for this, but if you don’t have
    the funds, there are also lots of apps and free tools that can help. FloorPlanOnline and RoomSketcher are good options for floor plans, while HouseLens and Matterport can help with tour.
  • Optimize your description for potential buyers – Who’s most likely to buy this type of home, at this price point, in this area? Once you determine the highest potential audience, think of what keywords they might be searching for. Family-friendly? Hip? Trendy? Safe? Work these terms into the description, so they resonate with potential buyers.
  • Put your photos in intentional order – You want the best, most eye-catching photo first — front and center. After that, photos should proceed in order of interest and appeal. The worst photos — or photos of the least appealing parts of the house — should come last. Chances are most shoppers won’t even make it that far.
  • Know what makes the home different – Lead with what’s unique about the home — what buyers can’t find in other properties in the area, city, or town. Are there vintage floors, ceilings, or fixtures? A beautiful swimming pool? A garden of tomatoes out back? Play up its strengths from the beginning.
  • Make it exciting – Remember, you’re not just selling a home — you’re selling a life. The home needs to seem exciting, fun, safe, secure and all those things people want in their lives long-term. Be authentic and relatable in your tone, and make it hard for shoppers to pass up the lifestyle, comfort, or convenience your property can afford them.

Once you’ve got a great listing, feature it on your website’s homepage, write a blog post about it, and share it on your social media account. You can even create an entire website just for your property if it’s one you’re looking to build a lot of interest in. Just make sure you use SEO to get it indexed and ranked high by Google.


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