Destination or Fresh Start

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Some see the New Year as a destination. Maybe to some it is an opportunity to close a chapter. For some it is a new start. It is pretty much about your perspective.

However, no matter what that perspective, the New Year is basically a mile marker in a journey. In reality, not much really changes between close of business on New Year’s Eve and opening up January 2nd.

Forward into 2018

As we start a new leg of the journey, there is a lot to look forward to in 2018.

  • The new tax code has builders excited about their prospects, and that should bring new inventory to the market, keeping homes affordable and bringing in new potential homebuyers.
  • The economy should keep consumer confidence up and considering homeownership. From the buyers’ perspective, the tax bill left the incentives to buy a home pretty much intact for the vast majority of potential homebuyers.
  • The availability of credit to make those new home purchases will be there, at what might be slightly higher, but still affordable rates.

It has all the makings of a great year for the real estate industry.

As we approach 2018, it can be rather easy to get lost in business plans and projections, to make resolutions to do that much better in business, and to set new sales goals. All are necessary and critical to success, but prosperity does not have to come at the expense of peace, laughter, love and health. May your New Year bring you continued prosperity—and even greater measures of peace, laughter, love and health.

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