Coaching – Knowledge versus Awareness


The Embrace Talent Development Team offers enrichment programs designed to guide employees as they strive for personal and professional excellence.

Amongst those programs is the Embrace Coaching Program led by Talent Development’s Sales Coach, John Bushee.

Many of us strive to have a more balanced approach to how we serve and interact with others. Our Coaching Program is designed to provide balance by coaching the whole person, and supporting our existing coaches using the latest tools of the coaching trade.

This month, John shares a glimpse into what employees stand to gain when they take advantage of the Coaching Program at Embrace Home Loans.

by John Bushee, Sales Coach, Talent Development

When it comes to increasing performance we all seek to find the balance between our personal and professional challenges. There is a big difference between being aware of something and knowing something.

Keith Pyatak, one of our Embrace-certified coaches, made the following comment early in his coaching experience when he witnessed one of his teammates move from knowledge to awareness in a way that evoked transformation, and thus, increased performance:

I learned how powerful it is to listen beyond words, and how doing so can help others find their purpose. Learning the fundamental skills of coaching was certainly awkward at times… It completely removed me from my comfort zone. But when I experienced my first breakthrough as a coach… witnessing [coachees] reach their ‘ah-ha’ moment was very moving and exciting.

Take away from Keith’s insights:

  • Listening and using what you hear to ask questions creates an awareness that allows us to empower others to experience fulfillment and achievement.
  • Change or transformation is often awkward and uncomfortable. Moving off the “X” or the “status quo” requires us to see things differently, and then experience the difference.
  • “Ah-ha” moments are filled with growth and forward movement. They allow us to shine light on our blind spots – those things we think we do well, but in which we could use improvement; or those skills we do well, but don’t recognize our brilliance—causing us to miss out on great opportunities.

When Embrace professionals take that “leap” and enroll in the Embrace Coaching Program, they are investing not only in themselves, but furthermore in their careers and the quality of the services they provide to consumers every day. Through active, focused participation in the program, professionals will develop the tools they need to truly thrive. They will be positioned for success as they take their next steps in pursuit of professional excellence.

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