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    Trends come and go – and the real estate world is no different. Fifty years ago, linoleum was the hot flooring of the moment, and in the late 70s, it was all shag carpeting.

    Today? You’d be hard-pressed to find either on the market.

    So what is hot with today’s homebuyers? And what can you incorporate into your home to make for an easier (and higher-priced) sell? Here are a few trending features of the moment:

    Quartz countertops

    The days of marble and granite are out. Quartz is the new stone in town, and for good reason. More durable and scratch resistant, quartz is a better long-term investment than virtually every other counter material on the market – and buyers are willing to pay handsomely for it.


    Hardwood floors

    Hardwood floors have been growing in popularity for years now, but today, they’ve become a downright necessary. Carpeting isn’t just a turn-off for many buyers; it’s a full-on deal-breaker.

    Gas stoves

    Not everything needs to be high-tech with today’s homebuyers – even the younger Millennial ones. Surveys show most still prefer a gas stove over an electric one, largely for the manual control it affords them.


    Grey and white color schemes

    It’s all about lighter palettes with today’s buyers – on cabinets, on backsplashes and even on flooring. Keep it simple and neutral with a grey and white scheme that can go with any buyer’s décor and aesthetic.


    Island kitchens are one of the biggest selling points a home can have. Not only do they open up the space for easier cooking and prep work, but they also offer more room for dining, entertaining or just sitting down with the family.

    Smart home tech

    There’s a smart device for just about every household need in the book, from controlling your temperature to keeping your loved ones safe from harm. Some of the most in-demand items? That’d be smart thermostats, garage doors, leak detection sensors, water systems and security cameras.

    If you’re really looking to improve your chances of a sale, consider staging it. Though upgrades and renovation projects can certainly add value, according to stats, professionally staged homes sell in one month or less – and for 20 percent more.

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