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    If a certain Mr. Richards had been an Embrace customer, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t have been up that night dwelling on not being able to get any satisfaction. A certain rock group wouldn’t have had it first number one record in the U.S. And maybe the music world wouldn’t have known the British invasion.


    Because Embrace Home Loans was just announced as the #1 large mortgage company for Customer Satisfaction by SocialSurvey.

    One hit wonders? Nope. This is the second year in a row Embrace has received this award from the popular online customer experience measuring service.

    In addition to the #1 company ranking, Embrace had nine individual Loan Officers in the Top 250 Loan Originators — of over 30,000 across the country. Nine of the best of the best right here at Embrace. If that wasn’t extraordinary enough, two of those Loan Officers were in the Top 100, and one made it all the way to the Top 10.

    In support of each of those LO’s are loan processors, underwriters, and closers who wild horses couldn’t drag away from a loan file until everything is done to ensure a smooth transaction for the consumer. Number one in customer satisfaction doesn’t happen by chance. Maybe it does on the Billboard Charts, when that riff or chorus just pops into a musician’s head in the middle of the night — but that is not the case in mortgage lending. It takes a team committed to making each customer’s experience the best it can be.

    Seems like at Embrace if you’re shopping for a mortgage you can “get what you want” and “what you need.”

    Your mortgage options for a smooth journey home.

    Get expert guidance and personalized solutions for a stress-free mortgage experience.