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    Buying a new construction home can be a great move in today’s market. For one, there’s no competition. With for-sale housing inventory at record-low levels, homes listed on the open market come with serious competition. That often means endless bidding wars, lots of negotiation, and, many times, paying more for a house than you really should. 

    On top of this, buying new also allows you to customize your house as you see fit. Add features and amenities you know your household will use and appreciate, and skip the ones that aren’t worth the cash.

    Building a new home this year instead of braving the open market? Put these 3 features on your radar

    1. A home office.

    If you or another member of your household are working from home — or schooling from home — a dedicated office (or at least an extra room that can be turned into one) is a must-have. Make sure it has plenty of outlets and a few solid walls (no windows, doorways, etc) for a desk and bookshelves.

    Some builders also offer plans with office “nooks.” These might be small alcoves carved out near the kitchen or in a hallway. If you know your work-from-home arrangement isn’t permanent, these can be great options as well.

    2. A back patio or deck.

    With as much time as most of us are spending at home these days, you’re going to want some sort of backyard amenity to pass the time — and get you that much-needed vitamin D. 

    Fortunately, when you’re building a new home, most builders offer at least one or two-floor plan options that include a patio or decking. If you can, opt for a covered one, as this will get you the most use out of the feature. You might also ask about a natural gas hookup if you enjoy grilling.

    3. Built-in smart features.

    Lots of builders are now throwing smart technologies into the mix. You can often choose from various smart hubs, smart locks, and smart thermostats. The latter is a particularly smart choice, as it can help you reduce your energy bills (as well as your home’s environmental impact). 

    Smart security features — like app-controlled cameras or video doorbells — are also a great upgrade to invest in when building a new home.

    The bottom line about buying a new construction home

    If you’re building a home from the ground up, make sure it’s got all the bells and whistles your family needs for a happy, healthy, and affordable life. Ready to get started? Get in touch with an Embrace Home Loans office in your area today.

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