Black Friday Hangover

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So we are well into the Christmas shopping season as we are now past Thanksgiving and the Black Friday shop-o-rama that online seems to be ruining. We may be seeing the end of the tradition that many of us first remember as grainy newsreel images of parents fighting over cabbage dolls. It is easier to shop online than camp out. As of today there are only 30 shopping days until Christmas. Maybe we should start counting shipping days until Christmas. It seems to be becoming the norm to just go online.

Mortgages aren’t seasonal

And that might be the reason to really get engaged in some online marketing efforts this winter. Home buying and purchase mortgage lending do not need to be seasonal. Potential buyers can squeeze in some online home shopping with all the extra time Christmas shopping online will afford them. Demand is there, inventory is low, prices won’t be lower this spring, and rates are fine for home buying. Now is as good a time as any in the near future to buy that house. It is just up to us to make those potential buyers believe it too.

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By Mary Mack / November 25th, 2017 / Categories: / Tags: ,

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