Big Ideas for Tiny Home Design

Five images of a tiny house

Some of the best things come in small packages—which is undoubtedly starting to apply to the housing market. Downsizing has become more and more popular and we love it!

The tiny home market is not just a trend, it has evolved into more of a movement. This movement’s foundation is built upon a handful of benefits. People are shrinking their homes to gain freedom, decrease financial burdens, and to aid in environmental efforts.

The average American home runs about 2,600 square feet. The typical tiny home tops out at about 400 square feet. This drastic loss in space may cause immediate anxiety for most, however, those onboard with the tiny house movement are feeling liberated and much more efficient.

The Big Bad Wolf would have a tough time huffing and puffing to blow this tiny A-frame cabin down! Nestled in California’s beautiful Redwoods, this little oasis has our hearts.



Did someone say “cutest cottage on earth” ?! With hardwoods, bright walls, and endless amounts of light, this modernly eclectic space could not be more charming.



It is safe to say that the majority of people driving past this luxurious 24-foot house would stop. With an open floor plan and high end finishes throughout, one would almost forget they are in a 24-foot space. Oh, and the French doors?! Don’t forget to shut them on your way out.



This 24′ tiny house utilizes every nook and cranny for functionality. Equipped with two bedroom lofts, a dining table, and a hefty L-shaped kitchen, one would not have to worry when asked “My house or yours?”



The Monocle is a diamond in the rough in the tiny house market. With a custom layout and a thoroughly thought-out design, a California couple’s dreams were made a reality. We aren’t certain about their wedding vows, however when it comes to wanting this home…I DO!



As simple and cozy as this itty bitty farmhouse may be, it also exudes a modern, sophisticated style. With bright whites mixed with warm wood finishes, all this house needs is your favorite blankey!



The Alpha couldn’t be a better name for this little palace! The strong exterior mixed with modern, open floor plans makes this unwavering space feel just as safe as a large home. The only thing to actually be intimidated by is the brilliant design work!  Warm woods, plant life, and clean white accent tiles make for a flawless esthetic.


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