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“All of this year’s Fastest Growing & Innovative Companies winners have put the needs of existing and potential customers at the front of their approaches, and the results speak for themselves. Embrace Home Loans has continued to adapt and flourish during its 35 years in business due in great part to the company’s vision and versatility.  Innovation has consisted of major investments in digital marketing and customer-enabled technologies, but it has also been in more subtle, yet meaningful, adjustments to their approach.  How they support the employee needs of today, and how they serve the customer expectations of tomorrow.  By regularly asking, listening and responding, allows them to continually be tweaking, and at times, overhauling.  That’s how a company in its 3rd decade can still be recognized for its growth…in fact, the most growth, our Number 1 winner – congratulations, Embrace Home Loans!”

Mark Murphy, Editor
Providence Business News

Those are very flattering words. They were spoken Tuesday night as Embrace was recognized for the second time since 2013. As the announcement was made large screens above the speaker visualized the announcement.  There was an image of 12 or 15 Embrace employees. The image was of a group, gathered together, never prouder to be part of Embrace.  It was not because of the recognition the night would bring. The image was from months earlier. The individuals were slightly disheveled in the bright orange t-shirts that mark Orange Week, Embrace’s annual community service push. They wore work gloves and had trash bags in tow. It was an image of Embrace at its core.

The announcement was the result of execution on Embraces core values. It is a community of innovative and courageous people, empowered to achieve any goal.  As the speaker finished, Embrace’s President, Kurt Noyce stepped up to the microphone. To facilitate the ceremony, award recipients were only permitted three words.  Some recipients were funny. Some made marketing pitches. Kurt’s three words were “Team, Love you.”  It was a simple, heartfelt expression of thanks to each and every employee of Embrace.

“Love” may seem like a peculiar choice of words, especially in the business world.  But it is the sum of Embraces core values. The reason for our success. The reason we continue to grow well into our forth decade.

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