Agents: Impress Your Buyers with These 9 Perfect Gifts

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As an agent, you’re not just helping your clients buy and sell homes.

You’re helping them make life changes. You’re helping them reach their goals. You’re helping them achieve their dreams.

And all those milestones? They deserve celebrating.

The Right Gifts for the Right Occasion

The right gift can help you ring in those big achievements with your clients, as well as show your gratitude for their business and, most importantly, secure that business (and their referrals) for life.

Not sure what gifts are appropriate? Need some budget-friendly options? Here are some great choices:

To welcome them to the new house:

  • High-quality drink coasters are a great option for housewarming gifts, as they’re something virtually everyone needs and uses. They can also be highly customized to the client’s tastes. The agent who helped my husband and I purchase our first house almost a decade ago gifted us with some beautiful, TCU-themed coasters when we closed on the home. It was a nice gesture (given that both of us are proud Horned Frogs), and we still have them on our table to this day!
  • A personalized welcome mat can be another useful, yet personal gift for newly anointed homeowners. It’s a must-have for keeping that new floor clean, but it can also add a homey touch — especially when all other decor is still in boxes and moving vans. If you don’t want to spring for a mat personalized with their exact names (think “Welcome to the Smith’s” or “The Smith Family”), consider a simple mat with just their last initial on it. It’s still personal and thoughtful, but it won’t break the bank.
  • A personalized photo on the mantel can be a nice gift for your buyers to see upon move-in. Snap a photo at closing and get the picture printed and framed. When you go to remove the home’s lockbox, place the picture on the mantel or kitchen counter along with a vase of flowers. It’s simple, but it can go a long way in making a house feel more like home.

To ring in their one-year anniversary as homeowners:

  • Upgraded address numbers can be a great way to celebrate your previous buyer’s big one-year anniversary, while also reviving their home’s curb appeal (which might have lagged since the property went off the market). Opt for nice gold or brass numbers, or send a professional curb painter out for a more custom look.
  • A Ring doorbell or Nest thermostat can be a good way for your buyers to get more value from their homes. Ring doorbells can help them keep their belongings (and loved ones) safe from harm, as well as add convenience. Nest thermostats can help them save money on utility bills — especially if they’re away from the home a lot. (Just make sure to check in and confirm they don’t have either before you make the purchase.)
  • Trees and potted plants are other great options for commemorating the occasion, while also helping the buyer beautify and improve their home’s value. Make sure you choose plants that are easy to care for and suited to the climate the homeowner lives in.

To celebrate their big sale:

  • A nice bottle of champagne is your best bet. If they’re in the midst of packing, moving, or downsizing, then your clients don’t have much space or time to spare. Keep it simple with a nice bottle of champagne they can pop on their night in the home. A gift card for takeout or delivery dinner can be a great touch, too.
  • A portrait of their old home can help commemorate the occasion, while also giving them a nice memento of the property. It might sound like an expensive and involved gift, but on Etsy, it’s typically just around $100. The best part? It will likely become a permanent part of the client’s decor — meaning constant reminders of you, your services and the satisfaction you delivered decades down the line. Who knows how many additional sales or referrals that could mean.
  • If you’re the creative type, a scrapbook can be a nice touch. Include a printout of the home’s listing, a few of the professional photos of their home, and if you can get in touch with a loved one or family member, maybe a few pictures of the sellers in the home, too. Buying and selling a home is a big step in anyone’s lives. You can bet they’ll want to look back at the property and that time of their lives down the line. Your scrapbook can help them do just that.

Your gifts don’t have to be extravagant or expensive to mean something. Remember: your main goal is to thank the client, as well as remind them of the stellar experience you provided them. Another great way to win their long-term business? Send them to quality, caring vendors, like Embrace Home Loans. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your clients.

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