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    As we enter the holiday season, it seems only right to take a moment to show those clients, referral partners, and colleagues our appreciation. Thanksgiving through New Years is a great time to say thanks for their business, support, and friendship. Receiving a handwritten note of thanks is a reminder of time spent searching for a new home, working with a lender to close a loan, or showing appreciation for a mentor’s guidance

    Distinguish Yourself

    Begin by choosing a blank card or stationery that reflects the holiday or time of year. Steer away from company letterhead in favor of something warm and unexpected. Choose a unique card or stationery of a different weight and a colorful envelope to make your holiday missive stand out.

    A Simple Message

    A spirit of gratitude should help you find the right words. The simpler and more understated your message the better.

    • Your card or note should be handwritten. Consider hiring a calligrapher if you handwriting is not up to par. Use a serif font if you absolutely need to print but don’t get too carried away — legibility is important.
    • Work through a number of drafts on a separate sheet of paper until you find the appropriate words. Be direct.
    • Unless you know the recipient well, avoid trying to be funny. Humor, especially written is difficult to pull off and tends to fall flat.
    • Keep your message short and sweet ask for nothing in return.

    Other Options

    • A handwritten note to those who’ve been kind enough to refer you to a friend or family member shows that you really care.
    • An unexpected phone call to personally thank someone whose business you appreciate or who you’ve worked with throughout the year can also be a nice gesture.
    • Avoid email as it is particularly impersonal.
    • A blanket thank you on social media is fine but won’t get you the results you’re looking for.


    We live and work in stressful times. Many find the holidays stressful as well. But nothing cuts through the tension like a simple message of thanks. Gratitude reinforces the bond we share with one another. It cuts through the noise of our busy lives and brings a smile to our face. Even if it’s just for a moment, there is real power in a heartfelt show of appreciation.

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