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    You’re a busy loan officer, and the last thing you want to do is waste your time searching for content online to help move you forward in your career. Sure, you know there’s a lot of great blogs, courses, and coaches out there, but when push comes to shove, you simply don’t have the time to search through all the Google results and then read through what may or may not be helpful content.

    Here’s where podcasts are perfect. Once you find the few niche podcasts directly related to your career, subscribe to them so you never have to search for career inspiration in the future. 

    Better yet, we’ve compiled some of the top podcasts for loan officers in 2020. Which one will be your new favorite?

    1. Loan Officer Freedom

    In this somewhat new weekly podcast, you’ll learn what some of the top producers have done to turn around their businesses to close huge numbers in short periods of time. In addition to the success stories, Carl White shares implementable tips on Loan Officer Freedom to help make your business run much smoother. Recent episodes have covered topics such as hiring a virtual assistant and actionable tips for leveraging your current network.

    2. Loan Officer Leadership Podcast

    Hosted by Steve Kyles, the Loan Officer Leadership Podcast is rife with actionable tips for loan officers to implement in their own practice. Weekly episodes range between interviews of top industry professionals and business planning suggestions so you’re always on the road to success. Better yet, the podcast has its own Facebook group to build connections with like-minded listeners.

    3. Mortgage Impact Podcast

    Mortgage Impact Podcast with host Jeff Fehling focuses on key topics vital to any professional in the industry: marketing, branding, technology, strategy, and leadership. Each episode is fast-paced and relevant, sharing only the most important information so you’re not wasting time listening to conversational back-and-forth and can instead use your time wisely to implement what you’ve learned in your day-to-day.

    4. Mortgage Marketing Radio

    It’s rare to find a niche podcast — for mortgage professionals specifically — that speaks about topics important to the industry, but aren’t specifically part of your normal-day grind. Hosted by Geoff Zimpfer, Mortgage Marketing Radio boasts over 250 thousand downloads and covers everything you didn’t know you needed to know. Recent topics include social advertising, video shows, Instagram strategy, and much more.

    5. Mortgage X Podcast

    Mortgage X podcast is described as “not your father’s mortgage podcast” and it’s a favorite of up-and-coming and old-school industry professionals. Hosts Christine Beckwith and Jason Frazier, force listeners to have a vision for the future, and by interviewing some of the top names in the fields, they’re providing some of the best strategies to move motivated mortgage professionals farther in their careers.

    6. Next Level Loan Officers

    Want a podcast that gives you both interviews with high-achieving professionals and an in-depth masterclass into relevant-to-you topics? Look no further than Next Level Loan Officers, where coaches discuss the ways you can grow your mortgage team to a hundred million without losing your personality and brand appeal along the way.

    These six shows aren’t the only podcasts out there that focus on mortgage-related topics, but they are all current and updated regularly, so you know there will always be new, fresh material to dive into when you decide to listen.

    However, if you’re a podcast super-consumer and want to dive into shows with great interviews, helpful topics, and smart strategies, here are a few more podcasts we recommend, even if they’re now defunct or don’t publish episodes consistently.

    7. Loan Officer Experience with Michael Mann 

    8. Loan Officer Online Offline with Chris Johnstone and Carl White

    9. Mortgage Banker University with Brett McDonell

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