9 Emerging Home Trends to Keep an Eye On

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When it comes to home decor and design, there are few better resources than Pinterest

The unique social media platform is a hub of all things home-related. Its “pins” are filled with aesthetic inspiration, organizational and storage ideas, and even tips and hacks for cleaning, landscaping, cooking, and more.  

The site recently announced the “Pinterest 100” — a round-up of the top 100 trends based on the billions of searches its users have logged over the last year. 

Here are some of the top ones that made the cut:

1. Home theaters.

home theaters

Searches relating to home theater design were up 368% on Pinterest this year. Some of the top related pins include seating and paint ideas, concepts for small spaces and basements, and even lighting designs. 

2. Audio rooms.

audio rooms

In a similar vein, all-out audio rooms also made the list. Searches were up more than 800% over the last year, with users showing a growing interest in surround-sound rooms perfect for self-proclaimed audiophiles. 

Popular pins in this category offer speaker and technology recommendations, record storage ideas, decor and furniture inspiration, and overall concept and room design photos. 

3. Indoor microgreen growing.

indoor micro greens

You don’t need a huge yard to grow your own produce. In fact, indoor microgreen growing is one of Pinterest’s top 100, too, with searches up 223% over the last year. Users are heading to the site to learn all about growing their own herbs, salad greens, and garnishes, all from the comfort of their own homes or countertops. 

4. Garden rooms.

garden rooms solariums

Keeping in the green category, garden rooms also made the top 100. With searches up 104%, Pinterest users are increasingly looking for ways to bring nature indoors. Top pins include inspiration for solariums and tiny greenhouses, living roofs and decor, hanging plants and foliage, and even indoor trees and zen gardens.

5. Homebrewing.


According to Pinterest’s list, homebrewing is also on the rise, with searches up a whopping 411% in the last year. Users are looking for equipment, brewing recipes and guides, tips for cutting costs, and more. There are even pins that offer bottle washing and organizational inspiration. 

6. Granny pods.

granny pods

Want to build a small house in the backyard for an extended family member (or to rent out)? Apparently, you’re not alone. Granny pods — sometimes referred to as tiny homes or accessory dwelling units — saw searches jump 159% this year. Pins reveal design ideas, floor plans, and real-life success stories.

7. Home coffee stations. 

coffee stations

Forget heading out to Starbucks for that morning pick-me-up. This year, Pinterest users have been looking for ways to create pro-level caffeinated beverages all on their own — without ever leaving the house. According to the top 100 list, searches for home coffee stations were up 751% over the last year.

Pins in the category cover everything from design and organizational ideas to menu boards, recipes, and more. 

8. Indoor water fountains.

indoor water fountains

Need to relax a bit after all that caffeine? Listen to the soothing sounds of an indoor water fountain — another one of Pinterest’s top trends for the year. Searches for indoor fountain inspo were up 917% this year, with pins revealing gorgeous photos of freestanding, wall-mounted, and even countertop fountain ideas.

9. All about Fido 

“Pampered pets” was a big theme this year, too. Some of Pinterest’s top searches were for pet clothing, “catio” (cat + patio) designs, dog playhouses, and even pet potty areas for the yard or balcony. 


Other trends to watch for

Pinterest also looked at trends outside the home — those in style, food, clothing, and just overall living. Here are a few of the standout findings:

  • The 90s are back – Pinterest users were big into 1990s inspo this year, with scrunchies, 90s-themed T-shirts, and even throwback cartoons and musical artists among the top searches.
  • Going green – There was also a penchant for the eco-friendly among Pinterest users this year. People were looking for how to go green at home, how to reuse waste, and how to transform old items into new ones without breaking the bank.
  • Balanced living – Users were also looking to live more balanced lives, Pinterest’s top trend list shows. Some of the most popular searches included ones around Feng Shui, social media detoxing, art therapy, and more.

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