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    There’s an old saying that goes, “Motivation gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” And for real estate agents, few adages ring truer.

    Sure, the best of intentions and a well-oiled marketing plan are a must to kick-off your initial career in real estate, but if you want to see consistent, solid success over the course of it? Then you need habits that enable it — especially as the days get busy and your newbie-agent attitude starts to dissipate. 

    So sit down and think for a minute: What are your daily habits as an agent? Could you do better? Sometimes, even a few small changes can make all the difference.

    Need a little inspiration to get you started? Here’s what nine top-performing real estate agents do on a daily basis:

    1. They leave the house fully ready for the day.

    Agents need to be ready for just about anything when they leave the house. Your day could take you to a luxury penthouse among millionaires or a fixer-upper in a not-so-great-part of town, and you might just need to head there on a moment’s notice. Make sure you’re fully ready for your day by pulling together a comfortable, professional-looking outfit, eating a hearty and healthy breakfast, and taking a rejuvenating shower. If you have to change, make two stops for coffee and a bagel, and then hit the gym in the middle of it all, you’re not making the best use of your time.

    2. They study up.

    Real estate is a constantly changing world, and truly great agents make time to stay abreast of those changes. They set aside time each day to read industry publications, catch up on the news, or connect with colleagues. They also attend real estate events, conferences, and training seminars that improve the value they bring to their customers.

    3. They check in.

    Top agents know the value of good rapport. They pencil in a few minutes each day to send their clients an email or text and to check in with industry partners. You can even do this on the go, between closings or showings. Just enable the voice assistant on your smartphone, and let Siri do the relationship-building on your behalf.

    4. They assess the playing field.

    Whether you work with buyers, sellers, or both, having a good handle on the local market is key. Setting aside some time each day to review new listings in your area or look at new sales comps can help you stay as in-tune as possible with local sales trends. This benefits both you and your clients (not to mention your bottom line.)

    5. They time-block.

    You only have so many hours in the day. If you want to maximize the amount you’re able to get done (and earn) in those days, then sticking to a schedule is key. Each morning, block out chunks of time for specific tasks and create a priority list to ensure you get the most important to-dos done. You should also leverage a good digital calendar to set up alerts and keep you on track throughout the day.

    6. They think long-term.

    Just keeping your head above water isn’t enough. Though you certainly need to get through the day’s to-dos, you also need to set aside time to think of future business. Block out a time each day to generate and nurture leads, market your business, and work on your future sales — not just the ones you’re handling now. This is how you ensure a steady stream of business (and income) for the long haul.

    7. They use their travel time wisely.

    Using your voice assistant to check in with clients is just one way you can leverage the time you spend on the go. Great agents also leverage in-the-car time to brush up on industry news, listen to expert podcasts, or even enjoy an audiobook from a favorite author. You don’t have to resign yourself to boring, wasted hours in traffic. Have tools on hand to make your time on the road just as productive as those minutes in the office.

    8. They leverage social media.

    Spending hours on Twitter isn’t a great use of your time, but most top-performing agents devote at least a few minutes a day to cultivating their social media presence. That means posting an update on Facebook, sharing your latest listing on Instagram, or even just replying to a tweet or comment. 

    9. They choose a shut-off time.

    You don’t need to work 24-7 to be a successful or profitable agent. In fact, you shouldn’t. Have clear-cut “office” hours, and make sure your clients are aware of those. Working yourself to the bone doesn’t do anyone any favors (you’ll just be tired and frustrated!) If you’re worried about missing after-hours calls or text, bring in a virtual assistant to lighten the load. They can be your gatekeeper while you spend some much-needed R&R time away from the office.

    More ways to be great

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