7 Ways to Catch the Eye of the Reader

Real Estate Marketing Tip

With so much to read online and so little time, getting and keeping a reader’s attention requires more than a provocative headline or even a good story. With constantly breaking news, overflowing email inboxes, and a barrage of blog and social media posts, you need to present your work in an eye-catching way.

How can you make that happen?

First, you must recognize that how you present your subject visually is just as important as what you write about. There’s a big difference between reading—actively engaging with ideas and concepts—and passive scanning. You’re much more likely to catch the roving, multi-tasking eye if you follow these rules:

  1. Always lead with your main point. If they only read the first few sentences, they should get your point.
  2. Keep paragraphs short and stick to a single subject per paragraph.
  3. Use keywords in a natural way. Google doesn’t like keyword-stuffing and neither do your readers.
  4. Use bolded subheads to keep the eye moving forward.
  5. Use bulleted lists to succinctly illustrate your point.
  6. Numbered lists work (see above) because they make for easier and faster scanning. You’re reading a numbered list currently—you’re experiencing how they work right now!
  7. Use links to additional resources. These are good for SEO and show you are a trusted resource.

Reread and reformat
Once you’ve completed a post and formatted for the wandering eye, move on to something else. Before you publish, reread to see if the key points you wish to make are properly highlighted. Ask yourself if you could derive the point of the post with just a glance. If not, reformat.

“Content is King”
“Content is king” is a phrase often repeated by everyone from writers and publishers, to directors and media moguls. Those who own the means of distribution—think publishers and networks—are powerful. But, without strong content provided by writers and directors they have no audience.

In the digital age, content remains king. Outbound marketing campaigns, blog posts, and social media are all just means of distribution; without strong content you have no followers. If you’re a REALTOR® who writes, you have a valuable talent—one that can help you reach potential clients, generate referrals, and connect with business partners. To do this, you need to be read.

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